Ruel Recharge Puja

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On Saturday 20 May 2017, Kechara Forest Retreat welcomes you to the inaugural Tibetan Ruel Recharge Puja, a powerful ritual based on a centuries-old tradition. This ritual renews the potent energies of protection contained within the Tibetan ruel, a powerful amulet or protective talisman. Thus, you are strongly advised to bring your ruels along to the Ruel Recharge Puja so that they can be re-energised with the protective powers of the Tantric Buddha Yamantaka and the Dharma Protectors Kalarupa, Dorje Shugden and Setrap.

About the Tibetan Ruel

Within the renowned Tibetan tantric system of protection, ruels are the most supreme of all. Traditionally handmade every ten years, Tibetan ruels contain nearly a hundred secret and blessed ingredients. They are consecrated by senior members of the Tibetan monastic community, in a careful process involving pujas and mantras for three consecutive nights, to seal the energies of the Buddhas and Dharma Protectors within.


These all-powerful ruels are an extremely effective antidote against persistent harm caused by spirits, curses and black magic and will protect against obstacles and negativities. They can be:

  • Worn as a pendant
  • Hung in the car
  • Kept in a pocket, wallet or bag
  • Hung over the front door
  • Placed on the altar
  • Placed in all four corners of the home or business premises

In Tibet, it is customary to bury ruels in the land before building a temple on it, or embed ruels in the walls of buildings. These ruels enhance the blessings of protection for all who set foot in the temple, and also protects the temple against those who would do it harm. In accordance with this tradition, the Ruel Recharge Puja also re-energises ruels that will be placed in Kechara House and Kechara Forest Retreat.

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Event Details

Event: Ruel Recharge Puja
Date: 20 May 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 10am – 7pm
Venue: Kechara Forest Retreat, Bentong

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