Introducing…a person who loves you more than yourself

The importance of a Guru for the modern spiritual practitioner

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This will be the kindest person you’ll meet in this life, who loves you no matter what you’re going through. Also, the most extraordinary, surprising, loving, compassionate and wise. He is the one person who can show you the way to solve literally all of your problems, find all the happiness in the world and destroy all the sadness. This is the Spiritual Teacher, the Guru.

Far from being just a mystical concept, the role of the Guru is actually just as relevant today in the 21st Century as he was in Buddha Shakyamuni‘s time. Join us this weekend for a talk about the Guru – all your questions answered, a few controversies, lots of surprises and a comprehensive guide for every spiritual seeker who is looking for that perfect Guru!

Drawing from His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s iconic book, Gurus for Hire, Enlightenment for Sale and video clips from the film Words of My Perfect Teacher, this talk promises to be a riveting one, full of personal insights and logical examples of how a spiritual teacher brings tremendous change to your life at every level.

DATE Sunday 6 March 2011
TIME 2pm to 4pm
VENUE Kechara House (Multi-function room, Ground Floor)

All Kechara Sunday Talks are also streamed live online for our friends abroad. Simply log into and join in the wisdom, no matter where you are! For more information, please contact

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