Festival of Kindness

4 May 2011 - 1:38pm Comments Off

There is a good reason why Wesak Day is the biggest day on any Buddhist’s calendar. Wesak is the celebration of Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinirvana…talk about control!

On this auspicious day, every single year, Buddhists all over the world gather to recite prayers and make offerings. Whether Hinayana, Mahayana or Vajrayana, it is just like they say, all roads lead to Rome…in the case of Buddhism, that Rome is enlightenment and all the paths have one source, the Buddha himself.

This year however, in addition to the usual pujas and offerings, Kechara and Sunway Pyramid want to do it a little differently. We want to take it back right to the very beginning, to the essence of Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings, to the main message that everyone and anyone can understand – kindness.

Kechara and Sunway Pyramid want to transform Wesak Day into a celebration of Buddha’s kindness, of our teachers’ kindness, of our parents’ kindness, of our friends’ kindness…you get the idea!

So join us in this celebration of kindness and bask in the joy of giving!

See what it is like to think of others’ welfare, to practise selflessness and to find the real kind you!

Experience the joy of giving on:

DATE 13 to 17 May 2011
TIME 10am to 10pm
VENUE Sunway Pyramid (LG1 Pyramid Concourse)

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