Transforming Boredom to Realisation

by Roselyn Lim

31 May 2009 - 7:09pm Comments Off

Once, I thought that to learn and attend weekly Dharma classes would be B.O.R.I.N.G.  You know… you go to class, the teacher speaks, you yawn as it is so theoretical and you end up passing the mints around in class to keep yourself and others awake. You spend half the time thinking about what to eat or where to shop right after class.

Not until I attend this Lamrim class conducted by Mr Ngeow at Kechara House under the Spiritual direction of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche. The questions posed were mind-boggling as most of the time I couldn’t find the answers from text.  Aaarrghh… tough! But if you like things out-of-the-norm, then trust me, you will like this class.

Trying to act smart, I used to “cut and paste” answers from the web or quote words from great Lamas. I soon realised how silly I was in the way I studied. Later, Mr Ngeow told me that it would be best if the answers came from my own experience and contemplation from reading – only then I can see how my mind changes over the years.

I don’t mind “re-learning” the way I learn all over again because I am starting to taste its sweetness. Just by realising how lucky I am to have all the freedom and conditions in this lifetime to meet and be guided by an unmistaken Spiritual Guide, Tsem Rinpoche, and how my life can be used for a higher purpose has already given me great meaning in life. In a nutshell, I feel happier.

Thanks to technology and the great initiative of our Dharma friend Kennie Wong, my friends and I from the Singapore Kechara Study Group are able to attend this Lamrim class virtually, via the Internet, every Friday evening at Roland’s place.  Notes are emailed to students prior to the class and questions are discussed during lessons, with Mr Ngeow as the facilitator.  Best of all, there are no right and wrong answers; just add-ons to improve our understanding.

The word “BORING” is now not in my Dharma dictionary. Come by and sit in for a trial and perhaps you’ll see why.

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