Seeking inner happiness

by Ash Ng

30 May 2009 - 7:04pm Comments Off

I came into contact with Tibetan Buddhism a few years ago in 2002. I had met many great masters and Gurus, and been to many centers in Singapore. However, I didn’t really have the chance to attend any proper classes or trainings and even if I had, I could not absorb much.

When Mr Ngeow, Liaison of Kechara’s Education Committee, received the blessings of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche to start this Lamrim class, I began to get in touch with Dharma knowledge; many topics which I had heard of before began to resurface in my mind. Engaging in many of the virtuous activities in Kechara over the last few years has further helped me to accumulate merits to understand the Lamrim better. The Lamrim offers many benefits – it helps us to understand clearer who we really are, why we have so many dissatisfactions in life and how we can help ourselves and our loved ones.

This class is suitable for beginners like me and those interested to know more about Buddhism. It offers a concise discourse on the study of the Buddhadharma. Mr Ngeow is very wise and skilful in explaining to us the Dharma of an unbroken lineage, which goes all way the back to Lord Buddha Shakyamuni.

Mr Ngeow also sets questions for us to contemplate and to reflect on each topic discussed. Many times, I can’t really answer them as many of these questions have no right or wrong answers.  Instead, we voice our views and discuss our answers as a group then later in class. For overseas students like me, I would read the notes given, then attempt to answer the questions.

This course is very well-structured because it begins with an introduction of the Lamrim and preparatory practices like setting up an altar or relying on a spiritual guide and guides us all the way to understanding the cause of individual suffering, how to stop it and how to attain Buddhahood.

Attending the class has helped me to look into my own life and think about the many things that are happening around me. One thing for sure is that I will continue to attend this class to find my inner peace and bring happiness to my loved ones.

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