Exciting Sunday Dharma School Activities

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At Kechara’s Sunday Dharma School, we provide an enjoyable education with fun-filled activities created for kids of the modern age. One such outlet is Art, which includes music, dance, or even fine arts. Art allows the practice of mindfulness which enables us to cultivate wisdom, reflection and compassion as well as helping us in making better decisions.

This programme is headed by Pastor Adeline Woon and the classes are conducted by our beloved and passionate Dharma teachers. There are fun weekly activities conceptualised with the primary objectives of:

  1. Nurturing spirituality
  2. Learning Dharma
  3. Developing self-help skills

There are currently 65 kids enrolled in this programme aged 2 – 16 years old, which is held every Sunday from 8.30am to 10am. Dharma classes run from 8.30 a.m. – 9.15 a.m. while the activities are held at 9.15 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.

The weekly activities scheduled for this year include:

  1. Arts and crafts
  2. Singing and Dancing
  3. Drama

The purpose of these activities is to allow kids to get in touch with their inner creativity and to explore their talents even more. Using the art session as an example, different age groups are assigned different tasks for various themes. The younger ones have much simpler tasks. Some of the crafts we have done include:

  1. Origami
  2. Colouring (colour pencil, watercolour, pastel etc.)
  3. Chinese New Year zodiac animal angpows
  4. Plasticine Buddha and monk miniature figurines
  5. Fingerprints wish fulfilling tree
  6. Miniature city
  7. Animal farm
  8. Papier-mâché crafts
  9. Pop up cards for Mother’s Day
  10. Good wishes cards for Nepal Earthquake victims
  11. Squishy balls

An event was held at Kechara Care Lounge showcasing artwork done by the kids on 31st May 2015. It was amazing to see the arts and crafts created by the kids, through which they also learned the core Buddhist values with fun and creativity.

The Mooncake Festival and our first ever Halloween Party, Graduation and Year End Camp are lined up for this year.

For more information about other events pertaining to Kechara Sunday Dharma School, please visit here.

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