KSDS Halloween Celebration 2014

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Halloween is a tradition originated from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain. It is now commonly a holiday where children look forward to, from dressing up and planning their characters to scaring friends and family for the laugh of it.

Here in Kechara – although we are known as a Buddhist organisation – we celebrate many cultures and holidays which includes (of course) Halloween! To add a fun fact: Halloween is also one of our Guru, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s favourite holiday!

So, how could we just miss this holiday out? Oh but you see, we did not.

Kechara Sunday Dharma School (KSDS) teachers threw a surpirse Halloween party for all the students when it was supposed to be a normal Sunday dharma class! It was taken place at Kechara Lounge where there were small platform stage – just enough for students to dance on – and cool lightings too. Our KSDS teachers were most definitely a fun bunch.

To add the creepiness to this festive holiday, Teacher Anna was dressed in costume and in one hand held a haunted ghost lantern to welcome the students who weren’t expecting anything at the door; talk about fun, I know!

Teacher Anna giving an introduction to the party.

The party started off with a fun-filled programme of “mummifing your friend”.  The students were given toilet rolls to turn their friends into the most petrifying mummies. Despite some loose ends, the students did quite a fantastic job at wrapping their friends up! Since the students weren’t informed and hence, did not come in costume, this was a fast way to get everyone into the Halloween mood.

Next, the kids were led by the teachers to do the Skeleton Dance. Everybody were having a great time dancing and may I say ‘scaring’ some friends too, but out of nowhere, one of the students, Kai Ying started cying as she was frightened by Teacher Anna’s costume. It took quite some reassurance and comforting from Teacher Kien and Teacher Anna to make her smile again; and she did. Before they knew it, Kai Ying was running and jumping around as if nothing happened.

Those two activities were just warm-up activities – the fun had yet to begin.

As they started to explore more games, for example –  the Frozen City, Green Monster and Brain, as well as the Kidneys Sensory Bag – the kids were already pumped with excitement. It was a wonderful session to observe the children’s behavior and solidarity.

There was an incident where one of them got over excited and started throwing the sensory toys on the floor. It caused a couple of the girls to complain at the beginning of  each activity but naturally all the younger kids were hyperactive, running around.

After the games, the teachers and students both felt that it was time to take a break. The teachers explained to the students on what went on behind-the-scene with all the preperation work that had to be done. Efforts of many were put into this party in order to make the surprise happen. The students were also asked if they would like to help out in the preperation, if they were given a chance to. This explanation not only made the students who were complaining before understand but it was observed that they stopped complaining after that as well.

At the end of it, all the students joined in together to do the cleaning up except the older children, who prepared the balloons for the younger ones. Praises were given to the students for putting in effort with the cleaning up; they were guided to understand the importance of team work.

The older kids blowing balloons for the younger ones.

Before proceeding to the next activity, everybody had something to fill their tummy first. During snack time, the children were guided to contemplate on appreciating our Guru and others by  showing care and love; it is an act that should be instilled in the kids since a young age. Hence, they were then asked to draw a creative, yet innovative Halloween card using “Magic Card” for Rinpoche by channeling their inner Picasso self . The purpose of the card was to show appreciation and also to greet Rinpoche a very Happy Halloween.

Teacher Kien explaining how process of making a greeting card offering to His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche.

Creativity and friendship shown by our two little friends here.

Glow-in-the-dark bangles were distributed to the kids after they have completed the card. The older students were asked to help the younger children with the bangles. It was heart -warming to see the genuine care and love shown by the older students.

Teacher Anna distributing the florescent bangles to the older students.

Older students putting on the bangles onto the younger children’s wrists.

The kids had a great time playing not only with the glow-in-the-dark bangles but also with the balloons as well! They all did a fun dance and were given treats like candies, noodle snack, rice cracker and pudding after that. Once again, the older students were asked to help distribute the food to the younger ones.

To end the party, the teachers started a quiz time with the students by asking them “who is Rinpoche?” and “what is the purpose for them to attend Dharma classes?”. It was to make them understand and appreciate their parents’ effort of sending them to class on a Sunday morning instead of sleeping in at home. With that, they were then told to tell their parents “I love you and thank you” when they arrive home.

It was a successful surprise as our students and teachers went home having enjoyed it and here’s to more exciting parties like these. For more information on the Kechara Sunday Dharma School, please log onto http://www.kechara.com/kids-corner/ or contact us on +603 7803 3908.

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