Manjushri Class (Chinese)

1 February 2012 - 11:34am 8 Comments

Chinese Manjushri Class started three years ago with the motivation to spread His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s teachings to the Chinese speaking community. This class is also to ensure that language differences will not be a barrier to receive teachings and the dharma taught by Rinpoche.

The class is conducted with lively discussions and plenty of opportunity for everyone to share and learn. With emphasis on integrating Dharma into our daily lives, it will lead us to a more harmonious, peaceful and beneficial way of living. These classes are specifically customised for beginners to Buddhism. No previous knowledge is required to join these classes.

On-going discussion

Relevant topics are presented in each class which is of duration of 2 hours. Selected video clips are also shown to aid learning. The Chinese Manjushri Class Sub-committee is led by Liaison Kok Yek Yee.

Day: Every Friday
Time: 8pm to 10pm
Venue: Kechara House (Sunshine Room)

For more information, please contact Liaison Kok Yek Yee on or call +6012 673 1981.

Date Topic
Feb 3 Introduction to Buddhism
Feb 10 Meet my Guru
Feb 11 Field Visit
Feb 17 Bring Dharma home
Feb 24 How to make your life better & happier?
Feb 25 Field Visit/Tutorial/Home work
Mar 2 Buddha statues’ iconography

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  2. hi..i am a novice in tibetan buddhism…just happen to see am really interested to join this class..i will contact yek kee personally after this for further arrangement…
    hope i could go for the mandarin and English class as well..what a good one

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  7. [...] 2011年11月3日 星期四 上午5:17 评论暂缺 大地的母亲生病了,我们该怎么办?我们都不是超人,不是超级英雄,力量有限,我们可以怎么做?不要说污染的海水河水跟我们没有无关,不要说滥用杀虫剂、长肉剂跟我们无关。环境问题严重影像人类的日常生活及生命的品质。 不要说你我无能无力,不要小看自己。只要每个人扮演自己能力范围内的角色,只要每个人每天的几个小小动作,就能让地球的母亲健康起来,让我们自己生病少一点,让我们的孩子有一个绿色健康的成长环境。爱护地球,爱护自己的方法很多,其中一个简单易行的方法就是不吃肉。另一个再走前一步的方法,就是主动不去伤害生命,主动拯救即将遭毒手的生命—放生也是另一个爱护的自己的生命,从尊重他人的生命开始的绝佳途径。 值得一提的是,你可以选择自己默默一个人做环保茹素,也可以跟一班志同道合的朋友齐齐努力。同声同气,互相打气支持,肯定能走得更远,做得更多。茹素到底能对环保起着怎么样的贡献,放生可以带来心灵及实际上怎样的积极影响,且听劳康凯在本周五的中文文殊班给大家一一道来: 主题:《爱护生命·守护地球靠你我》 讲师:劳康凯 日期:2011年11月4日(星期五) 时间:晚上8时—10时 地点:克切拉佛教中心普阳室 更多详情,请点此获取更多详情,或联络陈怡冰:012-6140861。 [...]

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