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There are several reasons to make a contribution to Kechara.

You are helping us to feed hungry mouths, to find land for an animal sanctuary, to print books that will make people laugh, cry, think and learn.

You are helping children learn skills for life, to bring support to spiritual newcomers, and create a home away from home.

Contribute however much you want, as little as RM5 or as much as RM1,000,000. Whatever the amount, a donation to Kechara does not go without a lot of appreciation and thanks. Please know that every single cent that you donate to us, goes towards a very good cause...a cause that brings peace to people's body, speech and mind.

And don't forget to disable your pop-up blockers or you won't get very far! The donating process is very simple - all you have to worry about is how much you can, want and will support!

Alternatively, to make a donation via credit card or local bank transfer, please continue to fill out the donation form below.

If you would like to donate to Kechara Soup Kitchen, please click here.

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