Tsa Tsa Making

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Tsa tsa is a Tibetan term used to describe Buddha statues and images made as part of a particular meditation practice.

Making tsa tsas is one of the preliminary practices prescribed by lamas in Tibet – and now all over the world – as a method of eliminating obstacles, purifying negativities and creating positive energy (merit). In a nod towards nomadic Tibetan traditions, these small and portable tsa tsas were also the Buddha image of choice for travelling Tibetans.

The making of 100,000 tsa tsas is one of the preliminary practices

In Tibet, tsa tsas were traditionally made with clay, left to harden, and placed on altars, shrines or in other holy places. These days, Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA) utilises more modern and durable materials such as plaster, hydrostone, or professional casting and moulding techniques.

KSA also offers classes and workshops on how to make tsa tsas, as well as a variety of other activities relating to the Himalayan sacred arts and craft.

Engage in the practice of making tsa tsas in KSA!

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