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Kechara Saraswati Arts’ (KSA) sewing department specialises in the art of traditional Tibetan sewing.

This is the first of its kind in South East Asia, and our sewing department plays a pivotal role in creating beautiful thangkas, traditional deity clothing, and many other brocaded items.

Making brocade panels for thangkas

Training by some of the best artisans such as Raj Kumar, the renowned tailor from Nepal, has allowed our team of tailors to master the art of brocading thangkas using a diversity of traditional and modern materials.

Painstaking and careful work is the order of the day!

We also offer clothing for all types of Buddha statues including the pandit’s hat (also known as the Tsongkhapa hat), korpen (Lama’s coat), tule (upper garment), pangden (lower garment) and dapen (head ornament).

The shape of the hat is critical...

Opt for the modern contemporary look, or the richness of traditional Tibetan fashion; whatever your choice, you no longer need to go abroad for these items. KSA offers a complete range of needlework services right here in the heart of Malaysia.

Learning how to make a Lama's Coat (korpen)

It is our deepest wish to uphold the sacred traditions and techniques of Tibetan Buddhist Art and enable it to flourish in this country. We hope to share this fine art with those who are interested in preserving it for future generations.

Admiring the handiwork!

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