Mantra Rolling

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In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, holy statues enshrined in monasteries and on altars are always filled with mantras and other precious holy items. These sacred statues are then blessed in a special consecration ceremony. During this ceremony, the enlightened beings are invited to enter into and reside in the statues. In this way, the statue becomes a ‘living entity’ capable of bestowing immense blessings.

Kechara Saraswati Arts is the first Himalayan arts studio in South East Asia to provide this service. We are ‘qualified’ and ‘trained’ by the holy monks of Gaden Monastery in South India to roll mantras to fill any type of holy object, thus increasing the blessings many times over.

The entire mantra-rolling process begins with a range of hallowed mantras being printed on a special form of yellow paper in huge quantities. These printed mantras are then cut into long strips, and rolled into a variety of sizes. This act in itself encourages a mind that is focused, quiet and patient.

Cutting the printed mantras into strips

The statues are then filled with a variety of mantras. Each mantra type is placed at a specific location. For instance, the head, throat, heart and lotus all require a different mantra in accordance with Tibetan scriptural sources. The different sizes of rolled mantras come in handy to enable as many mantras as possible to be placed inside the statue, with little or no space left empty.

Putting the correct mantra in the correct position

Typically, other holy items are also inserted into the statues to further increase the blessings. Such items can include:

  • Holy relics
  • Precious pills and medicines (rinchen rilbu)
  • Protector rice
  • Personal items belonging to High Lamas and Great Masters
  • Earth from holy places
  • Wealth vases and wealth pills
  • Chakras
  • Herbal medicines
  • Sandalwood powder and incense
  • Dried flowers

Other holy items can also be inserted into the statues

The act of rolling mantras and consecrating statues creates the causes for wisdom to increase, purifies the negative karma of speech, helps the practitioner to gain respect and a gracious appearance, and creates the causes for wealth and prosperity to increase.

The KSA team is well versed in the techniques of inserting such holy items into holy images and statues. Our work makes your Buddha statues not only beautiful to look at, but also a source of vast blessings.

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