Visiting Tara

26 August 2010 - 6:20am 1 Comment

Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA) adds another bedazzled feather to their beautiful cap as they introduce a special new service: house calls to do customised artwork on Buddha statues.

The creative crew were first invited a week ago by Datin Jennifer Khoo to her house to do some restorative work on her three-foot Tara statue and to beautify her with precious stones.

Painting Tara

KSA understands how special these statues are and took extra special care to ensure that they were given the most royal treatment, fit for a Dharma king! This Tara statue in particular had been offered to Dato and Datin Khoo by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche many years ago, and has become a most central and loved part of the Khoo family’s altar.

However, the Tara statue, has been filled with mantras and would have been much too heavy to transport to KSA for the works, so KSA decided that it would be easier to work directly on site – a first in the KSA portfolio of services.

Pat works on Namgyalma

Pat Ng, Becky Yap and Kumar, led by KSA Mr Paul Yap turned up at Datin Jennifer’s home, armed and ready with paintbrushes and lots of turquoise. A few hours later, Tara emerged transformed and more resplendent than ever!

While they were there, the KSA crew also took the opportunity to beautify the Khoo family’s Namgyalma’s statue which had been offered by the daughter for her parents’ long life. Incidentally, this same Namgyalma statue had also been restored by KSA a few months ago after the paint on her face had been damaged in an accident.

The KSA team work on the Khoo family altar

Namgyalma for long life

Becky, Pat, Datin Khoo and Kumar with Tara (centre!)

A rejuvenated altar!

Beautiful Tara

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  1. Aiyo, “sooi, sooi!” – BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL!