Results of Beautiful Minds

10 December 2009 - 1:24am Comments Off

The third and final session of Kechara Saraswati Arts’ (KSA) Kids’ Class ended perfectly with these artfully-decorated reminders arising from some very beautiful little minds. Rachel Tan and Natasha Yu (and their mummies and daddies!) had a gooood time making cute pink piggies, happy cows mooing on green pastures, and beautiful flowers blooming…as Uncle James guided them, Rachel and Natasha decorated their flowerpots with beautiful reminders.

KSA is planning more events to bring out the budding artist in you, who is in hiding somewhere waiting for the chance to transform blank canvases into heavenly works of art…so look out for announcements of our upcoming projects and be prepared! You don’t want to miss your chance again!

Rachel Tan with her father Alex, working hard on her reminder...scroll down to see what it says!

Josephine, Natasha Yu's mother, lends a helping hand

Our kids' art classes are a great way to spend time together as a family......and at the end of the day, the kids get to show off what they've made!

Everyone's hard at work making their reminders perfect...even those who are not quite kids, but are still young at heart!

Rachel's carefully-made reminder to "Be Kind. Be Patient."

Cute sheep and piggies sit atop beautiful gardens

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