KSA’s New Addition to the Family

2 May 2009 - 11:19am Comments Off

Yesterday night, we had a welcome suprise from H.E. Tsem Rinpoche. A tropical fish tank with real tropical fishes! Presented on behalf of Rinpoche by Tsem Ladrang Head Liaison JP Thong to congratulate the department on accomplishing painting 16 4ft Tsongkhapas, 7 3ft Vajrayoginis, 5 3ft Dzambalas, 9 Traditionally Brocaded Setrap Thangkas, additionally 8 Lama Tsongkhapa Hats for other invited statues.

“Dear Saraswati Dept,

I am offering your department a beautiful soothing aquarium for the chillout area. This is when you and your volunteers relax,it will be a fun n exciting area to JUST BE! Just relax! The fishes will help! They represent my good wishes and tremendous luck to all of u. I want Saraswati to be a very harmonious,happy n exciting place.

Congratulatiöns for finishing your required assignments and on time. Out of love,compassion n kindness please make your dept grow,grow n grow further to bring many people benefit through Art!

Tsem Rinpoche”

Thank you Rinpoche!

Happy fishes

JP went on to say that the fish represent, wealth, harmony, growth and good fortune.

We now have 6 Parrot Fishes, 3 Bandaraya Fishes, Plants, Air filters, Lights, the whole works for a complete tropical home.

New addition to the family: Smiley Happy Kissing Fishes

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