Happy Volunteering at KSA

27 January 2010 - 5:19pm Comments Off

The Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA) gang recently gathered on a Saturday night to view RUDE, a documentary on politeness and civility. Our department was filled with familiar faces – Tho, Kien, Patsy, Aunty Vivien as well as Lam, Choi Sheem and their sons Jutika and Pavara.

Every corner of KSA is buzzing with activity

Under the guidance of Liaison Wan Wong (Head of Department) and Pat Ng (Head of our Sewing Division), everyone later volunteered to help with some of KSA’s work. Even the little ones got involved, being a great help with their sharp eyesight and flying little fingers…compared to senior volunteers like Aunty Patsy who struggled to get thread through a tiny needle eye, the little ones were very quick when making pearl beading!

Bring your family and friends along…young and old, KSA will always welcome you with open arms!

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