Go For Gold!

18 February 2010 - 12:43am Comments Off

You thought the new 18-inch Setrap statues were special? (Well, they are, especially as they’re the first of their kind in the world and available exclusively at Kechara Paradise outlets and VajraSecrets.com).

Make yours even more special by bringing Setrap over to Kechara Saraswati Arts where you can customise your statue. Rinpoche has always advised us that by making our statues as beautiful as possible, we are effectively making a very beautiful offering that helps us to collect merit to support our spiritual path. So go for gold!!

See this beautiful example of how we can offer real gold dust onto our Setrap statues and paint it with rich and gorgeous colours to bring Setrap alive. Even the “sea of blood” looks like it’s moving (visualise all your negative karma there and a big gold Setrap trampling over it to clear the way for a fantastic, clear new year!)

There are many other ways we can make offerings directly onto our statues. Head on over to Kechara Saraswati Arts and talk to our very talented artists about how you can make your Setrap extra special. (Or better yet, learn the skills and paint him yourself!)

Setrap in his full technicolour glory! This is a specially commissioned piece where real gold dust was offered onto the entire statue.

A close-up of Setrap's face - KSA's artists did a marvelous job. He looks alive!

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