Expressing Spirituality Through Art

14 January 2012 - 8:00pm Comments Off

During the Grand Festival of Wealth and Protection (GFWP), a children and adult Coloring Contest was held on the 7th of January, with a total of 30 enthusiastic participants. We were honored with the presence of celebrity fashion designer Eric Choong, Margaret Lee and Men’s UNO Associate Publisher and Managing Editor Roth Lai as our judges.

The event was definitely a wonderful way to gather the young at heart to express their spirituality of the Dharma through art.

There were three categories for the Colouring Contest: Category A (Age 4-8), Category B (Age 9-14), and Category C (Age 15 & above).

Congratulations to our winners for each category!

For Category A the winners: Lew Wen Yue (1st Prize), Natasha Yu (1st Runner Up), Lew Wen Yi (2nd Runner Up); Caroline Ann (Consolation Prize), Nicole Lee (Consolation Prize), Omala (Consolation Prize).

Category A 1st Prize Lew Wen Yue

Category A 1st Runner Up Natasha Yu

Category A 2nd Runner Up Lew Wen Yi

Category A Consolation Prize Caroline Ann

Category A Consolation Prize Nicole Lee

Category A Consolation Prize Omala

For Category B the winners: Yong Kah Wei (1st Prize), Lucas Tan (1st Runner Up), Jutika Lam (2nd Runner Up), Leong Jo Yee (Consolation Prize), Samantha Chan (Consolation Prize), Serene Khoo (Consolation Prize).

Category B 1st Prize Yong Kah Wai


Category B 1st Runner Up Lucas Tan

Category B 2nd Runner Up Jutika Lam

Category B Consolation Prize Leong Jo Yee

Category B Consolation Prize Samantha Chan

Category B Consolation Prize Serene Khoo

For Category C the winners: Mathiew Morriset (1st Prize), Ashlee Tam (1st Runner Up), Any Loke (2nd Runner Up),  Jenni Tan (Consolation Prize), Katharina Bertolini (Consolation Prize), Lim Xhin Wei (Consolation Prize).

Category C 1st Prize Mathiew Morisett

Category C 1st Runner Up Ashlee Tam

Category C 2nd Runner Up Any Loke

Category C Consolation Prize Jenni Tan

Category C Consolation Prize Kathrina Berolini

Category C Consolation Prize Lim Xhin Wei

Well done!

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