Big Statues, big merits!

2 May 2009 - 11:36am Comments Off

You may have been wondering whats happened to KSA. CNY has been and passed and no word, no pictures! Are we still alive? With a deadline round the corner its been all hands on deck to complete

  1. 16 x 4ft Tsongkhapa’s (with hats and clothing)
  2. 7 x 3ft Vajrayogini’s
  3. 5 x 3ft Dzambala’s

Whats the first stage in the process of finishing a statue? Step one wash statues to get rid of all the dirt, oils, and mouldings. This undertaking is quite a bit different when the statues are as big as you are but with the help of James, Mitra, and Justin they spent an afternoon taking them one by one for a shower in the buddha’s bathroom.

One by one...

Tsongkhapa scrubs up real well...

Now it's Dzambalas' turn

Crisp and clean waiting for artists...

Next stage is to base coat in preparation for both gold paint and REAL gold paint. Lucky for us we had friends down from the UK, New Zealand, and Australia who came in to help with base coating.

Kelley from UK getting connected

Jason behind Tsongkhapa

Many hands make light work

Say hi!

Carefully paints between the lines

Our newest regular, Gowi, has come very far in such a short time. After finding out about us from reading a newspaper article she has learnt the basics, and is now moved up to painting with real gold.

Gowi has come a long way in such a short time

Here is  sneak preview of the Tsongkhapa Offered by Rinpoche to His Holiness the 101st Gaden Tripa ( Throneholder of Lama Tsongkhapa ).

Gaden Tripas Tsongkhapa

Gaden Tripas Tsongkhapa Complete

There is still a lot more merits to be gained from this massive project, if you can hold a brush and can paint straight get in contact with us. We are about 60% completed. Even if you can’t paint we always have mantra rolling to keep idle hands busy.

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