Beautiful Beading

9 June 2010 - 4:54pm Comments Off

What the participants made!

Making a return to Kechara Saraswati Arts was one of Malaysia’s most famous designers, Eric Choong, to lead another class on beading. Meticulous and very creative, Eric’s enthusiasm rubbed off on the participants who clearly enjoyed themselves.

Missed our first AND second beading class? Make sure you don’t miss our third! Contact Becky Yap, our Administrator, on +603 7873 6703 for further information…and check out our programme of activities for more classes you can sign up to!

Head of our Sewing Division, Pat Ng, lends a hand

Eric Choong, our instructor extraordinaire, gives a young learner some expert advice

Happy mother and daughter with their new personalised mala bags

Angel's daughter displays her intricate handiwork

Vanessa shows off her ribboned creation

From small beginnings come great things...who knows, maybe one day these participants will be beading brocade for the Buddhas!

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