Another Happy and Wild Night with KSA!

10 December 2009 - 12:41am Comments Off

Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA) and Kechara InMotion (KIM) staff may be serious about their work but they sure know how to have fun…and at a recent appreciation dinner and a birthday celebration, the gang went wild!

Guests wait patiently for yummy Kechara Oasis food

Head of our Sewing Division, Pat Ng (aka Pat Pat) takes her turn at the micwhilst Howie Loh from KIM basks in the glory showered upon him by his adoring fans!

Cheering, clapping, dancing and laughing are trademark elements of Kechara members at a karaoke session, and they came into full force when our beloved Uncle Eddy serenaded guests to Are You Lonesome Tonight…yes, our Uncle Eddy! He really did sing! James Long definitely has competition! Not content to let Uncle Eddy monopolise the limelight was Girlie Ooi, who danced the cha-cha with Uncle Eddy to the music of Sway!

Oh yes, we mentioned a birthday celebration…so guess who was Birthday Boy for the night?

Birthday boy Chris Tan with James Long, Jace Chong and Bernice Chong

None other than Chris Tan! Presented with a birthday card, gifts and a yummy cake, Birthday Boy also received a wholehearted blessing from all the crew and volunteers of KIM and KSA. As the evening continued, under the persuasion of our hot DJ for the night, Pat Pat, no one was allowed to leave until they had sung one song each…and sing their hearts out they did! Just check out Bernice below!

Howie takes his singing very seriously...but nowhere near as enthusiastically as Bernice!

Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate Chris’ birthday with such style…and how can we forget to thank Kechara Oasis, the New Age Vegetarian Restaurant always serving healthy, mouth-watering, satisfying food…you guys are just great!

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