How To: Sew A Pandit’s Hat

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Before starting any work in Kechara Saraswati Arts, one must wash one’s hands and rinse one’s mouth and make three prostrations to the Three Jewels.

Materials Required

  1. Yellow silk
  2. Red brocade
  3. Red piping
  4. Red cotton cloth for inner hat
  5. Iron-on hard interfacing
  6. Red and yellowish gold thread

Step 1: Taking measurements

Take measurements of the statue’s head

Step 2: Pattern drafting

i) Draft out pattern on paper using measurement

ii) Cut out pattern according to the shape drafted.

Step 3: Preparing the inner frame of the hat

i) Cut out 2 pieces of iron-on interfacing

ii) Sew the two sides of the red cotton cloth together to make the inner frame of the hat

iii) Test the completed inner frame on the statue to ensure that it fits. If not, make the necessary adjustments

Step 4: Sewing the piping

i) Sew the edge of the yellow silk with red piping using the sewing machine

ii) Tack the piping on the inner part of the hat to ensure neat finishing

Step 5: Preparing the lining of the flaps

i) Draw the pattern of the flaps (left & right) on the red brocade (of the hat)

ii) Sew the brocade onto the red piping sewn on the yellow silk

Step 6: Completing the hat

i) Sew the inner frame onto the red piping on the yellow silk at the top of the hat and on the brocade lining on top of the flaps

ii) Iron the finished product to smoothen the surface

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