How To: Roll Mantras

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Before starting any work in Kechara Saraswati Arts, one must wash one’s hands and rinse one’s mouth and make three prostrations to the Three Jewels.

Step 1: Set motivation

Make a good motivation before working on your project as the creative work is like an offering to the Three Jewels.

Use incense to purify all items before starting.

Step 2: Get mantra starter kit

A Mantra Starter Kit contains:

  1. Mantras
  2. Scissors
  3. Incense
  4. Glue
  5. Sample of Mantra

First timers should receive a demonstration or lesson from the respective person in charge

Mantra rolling should only be performed at the mantra workstation

The images below show how mantra rolling is performed:

Step 3: Cleaning up

Once done, please return the Mantra tray along with items to the person in charge

Keep the tools in the correct storage areas

Before leaving please tidy after yourself and leave the work station neat for the next volunteer

Step 4: Dedication Prayers

After any work done please remember to seal your merits by doing the Complete Dedication and Yonten Shigyurma prayer. This can be found in the prayer sheets available at KSA.

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