Pastor Kok Yek Yee


Director of Kechara House

My connection with Rinpoche started with the holy teachings of Lord Tsongkhapa. Rinpoche’s compassion and interest to benefit others inspired me to become his student in order to follow his vision.

I had a more in-depth contact with Rinpoche during interviews for his autobiography. In every interview, Rinpoche sincerely shared his thoughts and how he felt, and as a new person who had just joined the organisation, I was very excited. I still cannot forget when I first met Rinpoche, what he said to me, and how, whenever I encountered a traumatic experience, Rinpoche was there by my side when I cried. Rinpoche’s care for me will not fade with time or distance, because this great love comes from a sage.

Rinpoche’s teachings, regardless of whether they are experiential or formal lectures, are always consistent and without contradiction. This is true Dharma.

I think the biggest challenge as a Director of Rinpoche is overcoming the inner struggles. That is, whether you are willing to put aside your attachments or ego, and contribute to the fullest extent in Dharma – this is the biggest test. Many times, agreeing outwardly but refusing to compromise inwardly has led to inconsistency in my words and actions, and is a cause of conflicts with others.

Also, during the course of a teacher-student relationship, anxiety and mistrust can arise, often because of ignorance and attachment. Whether or not you can overcome this barrier, these experiences also provide opportunities for self-reflection. Rinpoche’s compassion and wisdom have helped to remove my ignorant views and stubborn grasping.

I experienced much pleasure in this path of Dharma that has helped me to explore my inner most pristine qualities and the rarity of human life. I realised that it is rare to have such an opportunity to meet a Guru, so I decided to assist Rinpoche wholeheartedly in his Dharma work.

Directors are Rinpoche’s right-hand men. When Rinpoche passes away in the future, the Board of Directors will be responsible for all the Dharma work and projects. Also, because there is such a position, I can do more and be more focused, and I will also go all out to do more!


  • Director, Kechara House
  • Head Pastor, Kechara House
  • Vice President, Kechara House Buddhist Association Malaysia
  • Head, Chinese Committee


With a Diploma in Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Psychology, Yek Yee started her career as a journalist, writing for Guang Ming Daily and Nanyang Siang Pau, an established national newspaper, as a features writer.

Yek Yee won an award for The Best Health Related Article in the Magazine Category, which was awarded by the Malaysian government in 2007, and has continued to write for major dailies and popular magazines such as Feminine and Buddha. She published her first book, Protector Setrap, in 2007.



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