Wong Yen Pin

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My life’s journey has become brighter; with Rinpoche’s help, I found happiness in the midst of suffering and found hope in disappointments.

Wong Yen Pin, 36
Committee Member, Kechara Southern Jewel Chapel

Embroiderer Wong Yen Pin says that she came from a family of comfortable means until her parents passed away. The big change in the family led her to become unhappy – in 1993, she left for Singapore in a bid to seek happiness and work. After spending five years there, she returned to Malaysia and has been involved in the embroidery industry ever since. A committee member for Kechara Southern Jewel Chapel, Yen Pin is dedicated to spreading H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s teachings and Setrap’s practice in south Malays.

Having lived in Johor and Singapore, but not in Kuala Lumpur (KL), how were you introduced to Kechara? How did you come to know about the organisation?

I met H.E. Tsem Rinpoche on Wesak Day in 2003. My friend June persuaded me to drive up from Johor, saying that it was a rare chance to meet a Rinpoche. I didn’t know what a Rinpoche was – she told me he was a monk and a sage. June also informed me that the Wesak Day programme included a Buddha bathing ceremony. My curiosity got the better of me so I agreed and went to KL with June.

How has learning Dharma changed your life? Why did you join Dharma work?

It was out of gratitude towards Rinpoche’s wisdom and compassion. Since I started learning Dharma, I have grumbled less, thrown fewer tantrums, and caused less friction between myself and others. My life’s journey has become brighter; with Rinpoche’s help, I found happiness in the midst of suffering and found hope in disappointments. I joined Dharma because I wanted to share what I had learnt with everyone.

What are your aspirations in life? What do you hope to achieve with Kechara?

I hope to promote Kechara Southern Jewel Chapel (KSJC) and let others know that there is a Setrap Chapel in south Malaysia. I want more people to have the opportunity to come under Lord Setrap’s protection. I hope to attract more people to participate in our KSJC pujas and to come in contact with Rinpoche’s teachings, and thereby plant the seed of Buddhism in them.

Of the teachings you have received from Rinpoche, which one has had the biggest impact or influence on you?

In one of Rinpoche’s teachings, he mentioned that many teachers return home after a brief spell in Malaysia. However, he is based in Malaysia long-term because his Gurus told him to teach Dharma here – out of respect for them, Rinpoche said he would follow whatever instructions they have set for him. When Rinpoche said that he loves his Gurus more than he loves himself, I felt very touched and almost cried. I thought to myself, “Due to our good merit, we are very lucky to have a compassionate and kind Rinpoche here with us.” We should rejoice, cherish and love our Guru, and not wait until we have lost him before we begin to practise Dharma.

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