Pamela Yap

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When I started listening to Rinpoche, it made sense and for once,I was doing something not because someone told me to, but because it was logical.

Pamela Yap, 33
Retail Sales Assistant
Kechara Paradise Outlets

Fun-loving Pamela Yap feels like she has finally achieved balance in her life. Before Kechara, in a revolving world of parties and socialising, Pamela wondered why bad things always happened to her, why her relationships were not stable and why she was always facing financial difficulties. These days, the parties have not stopped but her involvement with Kechara has allowed her to work and play at the same time. She credits H.E. Tsem Rinpoche for giving her answers to questions she had always been asking.

Can you please tell us about yourself, Pamela? How would you describe yourself, and what were you up to before coming to Kechara?

I am a divorced mother of two children and would describe myself as someone who used to be full of pride. However, since coming to Kechara, I think I have managed to lessen that pride! Before Kechara, I was not working either on myself or in a job. I was just sitting at home or going out to have fun.

So you did not think much about religion and spirituality before? How did you come to hear about Kechara? Who introduced you to Kechara?

It was my mother who introduced me to Kechara. She read about wealth vases in the newspapers so we went to Kechara Paradise 1Utama. Adrian Chow also played a part in my introduction to Kechara – when I saw his altar at home and the beautiful Buddha images, I just felt so happy.

After you were introduced to Kechara, when did you start working in Dharma? Why do you like Dharma?

All of us have Dharma in us but many do not explore it beyond a basic understanding. I started in late 2008 when Liaison Henry Ooi shared his experiences about H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and Dharma. When I started listening to Rinpoche, it made sense and for once, I was doing something not because someone told me to, but because it was logical.

What is the single most impactful experience you have had with Rinpoche or Rinpoche’s teachings?

When I started working in Kechara Paradise Bangsar, I fell in love with an Eight Auspicious Signs bracelet. It was expensive though, so all I could do was hope to own it someday. One evening, Rinpoche paid us a visit. As he was leaving, Rinpoche asked us to show him the bracelet. He explained the significance behind the Eight Auspicious Signs and asked some of us to try it on. I was sure someone was going to buy it and thought, “Well, if I can’t afford it then let someone else buy it” but no one did. When my turn came to try it on, Rinpoche asked whether I liked it. I said yes and Rinpoche said, “OK, it’s yours!” I quickly tried taking it off my hand – I was embarrassed that Rinpoche had given us gifts instead of us giving back. When others chided me for not accepting it, I thanked Rinpoche for the gift. Rinpoche then chanted mantras and blew them onto my bracelet. I was so happy and excited!

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