Lim Chew Yin

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What Rinpoche talked about struck me as being very logical and practical. It was then and there that I knew I wanted to do something with Kechara.

Lim Chew Yin, 50
Vice President Kechara Soup Kitchen
Volunteer Kechara Discovery

Lim Chew Yin has had a diverse working life. Beginning her career as a banker, Ms. Lim was in finance for eight years before venturing into construction, property development, biscuit manufacturing, IT, resort management and now beauty and slimming. These days, Ms. Lim’s giving nature manifests in her position as Vice-President of Kechara Soup Kitchen. She is also a member of Kechara Discovery, spending much time on the development of the department.

How were you introduced to Kechara?

My friend, Bill Keith, introduced me to Kechara about two and a half years ago. It was on a day when I was not really in a mood to do anything, least of all to listen to a Dharma talk. I was at the KLIA trying to retrieve my maid while suffering a bad headache and gastric; I wasn’t in the mood to go. However, Bill persisted in asking me – he offered to pick me up at KL Sentral and send me home after the talk, so I agreed.

Something else must have led you to accede to Bill’s persistence. Did you have any spiritual inclination before you came to Kechara?

Having been raised in a Taoist environment, I had some spiritual experience and had a vague idea about Buddhism. However, I really didn’t know what to expect from the talk and as H.E. Tsem Rinpoche started speaking, something struck a chord; I became very interested and strangely, my ailments disappeared.

What led you to join Dharma work? Was it something that Rinpoche said in the talk that appealed to you?

That talk went on until about 2am but I was not tired. In fact, it set me thinking about Rinpoche and Kechara. What Rinpoche talked about struck me as being very logical and practical, about things we all somehow know but never think about. It was then and there that I knew I wanted to do something with Kechara.

Now that you have had the chance to meet Rinpoche and receive more teachings from him, what is it about Rinpoche that you find the most inspiring?

It is his energy, his compassion, his wisdom and his ability to both macro- and micro-manage. I don’t know if I should or can say this, but Rinpoche would make the greatest CEO if he was not a Rinpoche teaching Dharma!

What do you like about Dharma and the way that Rinpoche teaches?

I believe that Buddhism as taught by Rinpoche is pragmatic and applicable to our daily lives, whether in our work and careers or in our personal relationships. Using his teachings, I have taken small steps and it has helped me to be less impatient and more focused.

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