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I like Dharma because it’s the most natural truth. You can examine it in any way and it is still logical.

KH Ng, 46
Committee Member Kechara Care

By happy coincidence, Ng Kok Heng’s friends call him KH. Describing himself as a family man, KH is also a keen sportsperson who is currently Vice-President of the Selangor Swimming Association. However, despite his varied interests, KH always comes back to Dharma and since joining Kechara, has focused his reading mostly on Buddhist texts. With a special interest in the topic of wisdom, KH finds the talks given by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche to be interesting and intellectually-stimulating.

Tell us about yourself, Kok Heng, how would you describe yourself? What were you doing before you came to Kechara?

As my name is Kok Heng, my friends call me KH, so please call me that! I feel it is such an auspicious coincidence. I think I am a family man, and someone who is adaptable and sociable when required. Before I came to Kechara, I lived the usual kind of life – I was busy trying to make it in business and provide for my family.

Okay, we will call you KH too! How were you introduced to Kechara? From that initial meeting, what attracted you to Kechara and convinced you to stay?

I was introduced to Kechara when a friend invited my wife and I to a Tsok puja with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche in attendance. I stayed because Kechara’s activities are in English, and what Rinpoche said or did checked out – it was mind-blowing and really struck a chord with me.

When did you start Dharma? Why do you like it and what has it done for you?

I started the day I joined Kechara. Rinpoche told me to attend the pujas every Monday and I have consistently attended since then. The feeling I get from going is really good. I like Dharma because it’s the most natural truth. You can examine it in any way and it is still logical.

So why did you join Dharma work? Did you have any doubts when you first started?

At first, I did it for myself and my family but then my motivation expanded to include everyone. I really see the benefits that Dharma brings; Rinpoche spreads a message of harmony. When I started, the only doubt I had was where I would find time – to be honest, sometimes I still struggle in that respect.

In spite of your doubts, you still consistently attend pujas because Rinpoche asked you to. His instructions obviously matter to you! Has Rinpoche inspired you in other ways?

What inspires me most about Rinpoche is that despite wishing to be in the monastery with his Gurus, he is here with us monsters! His teachings also have a big impact on me, particularly his teaching of the Prajnaparamita. He gave us the complete path in one sitting, and confirmed my belief in him and the teaching itself.

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