Making Dharma a career

17 September 2010 - 1:52pm 1 Comment

A career in Dharma is not just any career. It is not a career for money, for fame or for personal gain. Instead, it is a chance for practitioners to devote themselves to spiritual training, without forgetting or ignoring the responsibilities of their day-to-day life.

That means a career in Dharma is not about shutting ourselves away from the world, running away to meditate in a cave, or forsaking our loved ones. It is not about refraining from doing the things we enjoy like going to the movies, shopping, eating good food or hanging out with our friends. A career in Dharma is about the best of both worlds – the opportunity to receive teachings on a daily basis, and the opportunity to put them into practice in the world around us.

Therefore a Dharma career is one that brings fulfillment and happiness both to ourselves and others.

In light of this, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche has kindly recommended some practices to create an auspicious start to each person’s Dharma career. For every new staff joining a Kechara department, they should:

  1. Recite the King of Prayers in front of Tsem Ladrang’s main altar, or at the Setrap altar in Kechara House
  2. Make offerings of light or incense on the altar
  3. Set a good motivation to have a career in Dharma to benefit others

An auspicious start is important for a career that will bring us many benefits beginning from this lifetime and beyond. This is a career like no other, as it creates the causes for us to always be in a position to receive the Dharma and pass its wisdom on to others.

A career in Dharma shows us that it is possible to be spiritual, and have all of the things we ever wanted in the secular world…we just get to spread love, wisdom and compassion while we are getting and doing the things we want!

So why not start now? Is there any department you are interested in? Speak to its Head of Department to explore opportunities for volunteering, to see if a Dharma career is the right one for you!

One Response to Making Dharma a career

  1. I can’t wait for my future career in Dharma. Nothing can separate me from Dharma at this point in my life, to be able to do charity and real, sincere Dharma practice is what I pray for.

    I’ve still got a long way to go before I can hold my head up high, without the shame that arises from repeating unskillful actions and knowing they are wrong, but doing it anyway.

    Like meat, or beer, or lust, to name a few of my current vices.