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There are an increasing number of full-time and part-time staff in the Kechara organisation as more and more people see the value in Dharma work. There are around 120 people who are currently working in the organisation at present.

Each department of Kechara is run by its own group of core people, who are board of directors, official committee members, full-time or part-time staff and volunteers.

Learn more about the Who’s Who of Kechara here.

Board of Directors

Introduced in the year 2006 as the Liaisons Council, and renamed in 2013 as the Board of Directors, this is the governing body that oversees the operations and management of the Kechara organisation. This concept stems from the monastic institution of the great Gaden Monastery, where it was adopted hundreds of years ago and endures until today.

In KECHARA, the Board of Directors are elected to office for a term of two years, and are committed to assist H.E. Tsem Rinpoche in spreading the Buddhadharma far and wide. This includes creating the environment for the most challenging and rewarding training – the mind training through Lama Tsongkapa’s teachings for all who come in contact with the KECHARA organisation.

Learn more about the Board of Directors here.

Committees and Heads of Department

Kechara House Executive Committee

  • President
Pastor Kok Yek Yee
  • Vice-President
Chia Kar Keong
  • Secretary
Chuah Su Ming
  • Treasurer
Leong Chee Kong
  • Committee Members
Pastor Chia Song Peng
Pastor Lanse Chiah
Ooi Beng Kooi
William Chua
Lew Kwan Leng

Kechara Care

Head of Department    Chuah Su Ming

Kechara Discovery

Head of Department    CK Leong

Kechara InMotion

Head of Department    -

Kechara Lounge

Head of Department    Chuah Su Ming

Kechara Media & Publications

Head of Department    Phng Li Kim

Kechara Oasis

Head of Department    Teh Guat Hee

Kechara Paradise

Head of Department    CK Leong

Kechara Saraswati Arts

Head of Department    CK Leong

Kechara Soup Kitchen Executive Committee

  • President
Henry Ooi
  • Vice-President
Julia Tan
  • Secretary
Chuah Su Ming
  • Treasurer
Ooi Beng Kooi
  • Committee Members
Justin Cheah
Phng Li Kim
Patsy Gooi
Grace Leong

Kechara Forest Retreat Executive Committee

  • Datuk May Phng
  • Henry Ooi
  • JP Thong

Tsem Ladrang

Head of Department    JP Thong

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