Our Mission

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Our mission has been specially designed by Kechara’s Education Division to introduce students to wholesome Buddhist values and nurturing younger generations into successful and loving individuals.


Formerly known as the Manjushri Kids Class (MKC), the Kechara Sunday Dharma School (KSDS) was conceived by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, the Spiritual Advisor of Kechara, to nurture children towards deepening their spirituality.

The first class was held in March 2008 with five children taught by a group of volunteers. The curriculum included prayers, outdoor trips, dharma lessons etc. KSDS grew rapidly to 70 students in 2010 with parents commenting on the significant and positive changes in the behaviour of their children.

In 2012, we created a series of dharma syllabi in order to cater to the learning needs of the kids, children and teenagers. Through a long and arduous process of research and compilation we managed to create the syllabi in a manner that students receive a systematic, useful and interactive learning experience of the dharma, paired with co-curricular activities that include choir, arts and crafts.

With an ever growing number of students and our dedication to the younger generations it was necessary for our teaching staff to expand in both numbers and experience. Our full time staff are now joined by a large number of volunteer teachers from diverse backgrounds, abilities and experience, solidified together by our wish to benefit others. Having undergone training in contemporary teaching techniques, teachers now have the knowledge to share Buddhist values in an informative yet enjoyable manner.

In a step to move away from traditional teaching styles that do not necessarily provide a well-rounded foundation for life, KSDS also incorporates parents into their activities through events aimed at breaking down barriers inhibiting a truly healthy parent-child relationship. Therefore students are given the ability to become emotionally proficient and stable adults.

Due to popular demand, the syllabi were further improved and updated with new information that suits the age groups more closely including drama, dance and music performances. Given our growth KSDS is now managed by a core team, including the KSDS Manager, KSDS Assistant-Managers, Co-curricular Team Leaders and an Administrative Team. This has allowed KSDS to cater to even more children, from age 2 upwards. Previously we could only accept children age 5 and upwards.

KSDS’s unique style has not gone unnoticed by the media either. Featured in a newspaper article by China Press, KSDS was praised for its creativity breaking away from a traditional temple atmosphere. Set in a modern environment, KSDS does not seek to convert children but share with them values to ensure a successful upbringing in new, innovative and comprehensive ways, making KSDS more a school than any other dharma class for children.

Due to our dedication towards ensuring our students have a well-rounded and contemporary education, we will continue to improve our teaching methods. We pray this will lead to the foundations of a fully fledge school in the future, in accordance with the wishes and prayers of our Spiritual Advisor, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche.

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