Tsongkhapa Buddha

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A long time ago, that was about 2,500 years ago, during the time of Buddha Shakyamuni in India, there was a young boy who offered the Buddha a clear crystal rosary after which the Buddha gave him a conch shell in return. The boy was one of the previous incarnations of Tsongkhapa.

The Buddha then called his disciple Ananda and prophesied that the boy would be born in Tibet, would build a great monastery, present a crown to the statue of the Buddha in Lhasa, and be important in spreading the Buddhist teachings in Tibet. Buddha prophesied that the boy would be an emanation of Manjushri and gave him the future name of Sumati Kirti, or in Tibetan language, Losang Drakpa.

Over a thousand years after the passing of Shakyamuni Buddha, further prophesies relating to Lama Tsongkhapa were given by the Lotus-born Guru, Padmasambhava (or Guru Rinpoche). He predicted that a fully ordained Buddhist monk named Losang Drakpa would appear in the east near the land of China. He also said that this monk would be an emanation of a well known Bodhisattva (Manjushri as we now know) and would become a fully enlightened Buddha.

Both Buddha Shakyamuni’s and Guru Rinpoche’s prophesies came true and occurred exactly as they had predicted. The conch shell that the Buddha had given the boy was unearthed many years later when Lama Tsongkhapa built the great Gaden Monastery in Tibet in the year 1409 at the same spot that his previous incarnation had buried it as a young boy.

That conch shell was kept and could still be seen up to year 1959 in Drepung, the largest monastery in Tibet before it was lost during the Cultural Revolution of China. The crown that Tsongkhapa presented still rests on the head of the Buddha (the famous Jowo Rinpoche statue) in Lhasa, Tibet to this day.

Kechara House follows the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, which was founded by Lama Tsongkhapa. Our mother monastery is the famous Gaden monastery that Lama Tsongkhapa built.

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