Animal Feeding

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When you attend the MKC classes, sometimes there are outdoor trips to the lake nearby where the adults release fishes, turtles and sometimes birds that had been kept for food or as pets. When we save these poor animals, they don’t have to be killed and they gain freedom.

Since there are so many fishes in the lake, it is good to take care of them by feeding them with fish food.  By feeding them, you are taking care of them.

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  1. We should all think outside of the box… the fishes and turtles can be, are our pets … why do we have to think of pets as pets only when they are under our roofs?

    In this case – everyone can play a part to take care of them – and isn’t it great that everyone takes turn to do so? I am sure that there are many people who lives around the area – do feed the fishes, turtles and birds that are residing there…

    Lessons outside the classroom context, in the great outdoors helps us to be more aware, to be more in touch of our surroundings, the world we live in.

    Mother nature teaches us a great deal – if we allow her to do so and work with her. When we are living in her context, it is peace and harmony for all – for all creatures big and small.