Let’s Be Kind to Animals

Sean Wang, 12

17 January 2010 - 10:36am 1 Comment

Who sits by us attempting to soothe our souls after a strength-diminishing day at work? Who sings songs that bring joy to us? Who gives us happiness and hope during our times of sorrow? Who are our greatest and most loyal companions?

The answer to all the questions above is the same. The answer would be: Animals. We should love them and care for them.

In Samsara, there are six realms, the animal realm is just one realm below the human realm. I learned from H.E. Tsem Rinpoche that all sentient beings have once been our mothers, our fathers, our relatives and our good friends during our countless lifetimes. That is one reason why we should care for them.

Karma and Merit are also related to this subject. If a person feeds even just a morsel of food to animals, they can create good karma for themselves. If we have a good motivation while feeding them, we will gain merits.

Feeding animals is not the only way you can help them. If you know how to care for animals, you can adopt them into your family. They will repay you by sitting by your side, feeding you hope and joy.

Another way of helping animals that are really impossible for us to take care of in our daily lives like, cows, sheep or chickens, is to be vegetarian. If you feel that you can’t right now and will come up with various excuses not to do so, you can be partially vegetarian like me, I don’t eat beef (despite having a pint of English blood in me, most Englishmen I know are beef-eaters ). My mother is full vegetarian, I am very proud of her and she is totally helping out many animals. I hope to be like her someday but my craving for chicken and fish is something I can’t stand.

Rinpoche once said, “Everything on this planet and other planets has a right to live. You do not have any right to take it away with any justification. Blood, slaughter, killing, murder of any creatures on this planet will come back to you. All actions come back. Don’t be selective with karma…”

I shall tell you a big bad problem, humans have hurt animals in many ways. I heard multiple stories of dogs being skewered and became part of a stew. Most of the victims of that brutality would be strays, they already had been forced to wander around the streets, is that not a bad enough punishment? Strays should be adopted or sent to a place which can take care of them.

Other ways are dog fighting that was banned but is still played in dark areas. Gamblers will scream to each other hoping their dogs will win.

By the way, insects are too a form of an animal even if they don’t fit inside the animalia class. Mosquitoes have once been like us, most of the time very kiasu and all the times kiasi.

I hope that the animal sanctuary that Rinpoche wants to be built will manifest as quickly as possible. Many animals will be saved.

As a final sentence, I hope that everyone can care and love animals!

One Response to Let’s Be Kind to Animals

  1. Hi Sean,
    I really like this line “Mosquitoes have once been like us, most of the time very kiasu and all the times kiasi.”

    Yes! We have been pests, are pest and will be pests – with our “kiasu” and “kiasi” attitude. When will we ever learn?

    Better late than never! I believe you have a head start and I am sure you have many pets – that is why you are so kindhearted and why you are a natural spokesperson.

    Our kampung house used to be like an animal shelter. My brothers and I use to rescue cats, dogs, birds, and nursed them when they are badly beaten (by people), bitten by other bigger dogs, when they have broken wings…etc. To protect the more fragile animals we would sneak them into our treehouse safe from prying eyes…

    Needless to say – mum knows everything and helps us when we are not looking or around ( schooling ) … those actions hinted to us that we take after our mum!

    What is most amazing is – it is only now that we realize that mum is allergic to animals’ fur – especially dogs and all those years she did not react in front of us but show by example that it is very important to treat and love all living creatures.

    Plus the point she drove through to us – next time we may be born like them, be a cat, dog, bird or worm! So be kind!

    Yes be kind indeed!