I love MKC and Kechara!

Vanessa Wong, 10

17 January 2010 - 10:36am 1 Comment

I love to go to Kechara House because there are so many interesting things to do and I have so many more new friends. I started attending the Manjushri Kids Class when it first started and my brother and I must have been the first students. During the class, we learnt how to do the Manjushri prayer and I have been doing it every night. I love to listen to the Buddha stories and learn how to be good children.

There have been many other activities like the Lantern Festival celebrations, Wesak Day celebrations with fun fair, Animal liberation activities, painting and art projects. I also like attending the Dharma talks of our Guru, H. E. Tsem Rinpoche as they are always very funny but serious at the same time. Most of all, I love to go to the Ladrang to help at the gifts section. It is a very nice place and is so clean and peaceful just like a temple.

One Response to I love MKC and Kechara!

  1. I am glad Vanessa has found that MKC has very much to offer besides the Dharma and that she looks forward to every class!

    Here at MKC, values are also learnt through arts and crafts activities and projects to complement the teachings, to nurture the creative expressive aspect for well being.

    It is heartwarming to see how fast children pick up lessons – how they learn so quickly through hands on participation, how they apply and how they have grown through daily practice and teamworking.

    Vanessa is very creative and good at arts and crafts. Patient, kind and mindful, she goes all out to learn a craft and helps the teachers and volunteers to teach, guide the younger kids.

    What is great is also the fact that the kids including Vanessa volunteer their time to help out at the Ladrang. And yes! The gifts section is something else! (We get excited too!) It’s a great joyous way to teach the young the art of giving!

    Keep the smiles, drawings coming and keep up the great work Vanessa!