Going All the Way for Dharma

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Liaisons work closely with His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, representing Rinpoche and Kechara in their various departments, and using their fields of expertise and interest to help Rinpoche actualise his visions. They make decisions by group consensus, meeting regularly to vote on issues affecting the whole organisation – thus Liaisons play a pivotal role in taking Kechara to bigger and better heights.

At a recent Liaisons’ meeting for example, all 21 Liaisons and the various HODs met to debate and vote on various proposals for two days, ensuring Kechara retains and reflects the same democratic principles as those found in our Gelugpa tradition.

As the meeting drew to a close, a motion was put forward – that Phng Li Kim and David Lai should be voted in as new Liaisons.

It was Sharon Saw, writer and Operations Manager of Kechara Media & Publications (KMP), who proposed Li Kim to be an Associate Liaison. A relative newcomer to the organisation, Li Kim has shown herself to be one of Rinpoche’s most devoted students. Working hard with KMP their CEO, Li Kim is not someone afraid to get her hands dirty – she might be their CEO, but Li Kim is also at every Kechara event featuring KMP books, physically there to promote her Guru’s teachings by getting as many people as possible to bring his books home with them.

Left: Sharon Saw putting forward the proposal for Li Kim to become an Associate Liaison
Right: Kok Yek Yee (middle), Senior Editor at KMP, putting forward her supportive reasons for Li Kim to become a Liaison

By contrast, David Lai is one of Rinpoche’s most senior students, having met Rinpoche before Kechara was established. A writer at KMP, David is also involved in Kechara’s expansion in Nepal, regularly travelling to Kathmandu to promote Rinpoche’s teachings there, and to assist Liaison Chuah Su Ming in the operations of Kechara Lounge, Kechara’s information centre at Boudhanath Stupa. The proposal for David to become an Apprentice Liaison was put forward by Susan Lim, e-Communications Manager at KMP.

Left: Susan Lim putting forward the proposal for David to become an Apprentice Liaison
Right: Rinpoche and Liaison Datuk May Phng listen to the discussions intently

During the ensuing discussion, both Li Kim and David received glowing reviews from all of their Dharma brothers and sisters. Li Kim was described as a fun individual with a lot of drive and passion for her job, and someone who knew how to push her team without being pushy. Her team said she was always looking out for them, and always had time to listen to them, no matter how busy her day was.

David was described as someone who had undergone a massive transformation over the last half a year. Now a mature young man, David’s focus on the Dharma continues to grow stronger everyday – described as never having a bad word to say about anyone, everyone agreed that David is able to spread the Dharma very well through speech. A particularly glowing review came from the new treasurer of Kechara Soup Kitchen, Siong Woan, who said that it was because of David’s enthusiasm for Dharma that she is now with Kechara.

Siong Woan related that many years ago, she and her husband had met David at Kechara Mystical Treasures.  He had stunned them with Dharma knowledge that did not seem to match his young age and after talking to him, they left with a Lama Tsongkhapa statue. They said David had impressed them because he knew so much – if he knew that much, they figured his Guru must be pretty great.

Upon returning home, Siong Woan and her husband realised they had bought the ‘wrong’ Tsongkhapa statue – they actually preferred the one with the hat so they rang David who said he would see what he could do. As one would normally expect from any other shop, they thought it was an empty promise but a few days later, David rang back saying he had found them a hat…and it fit perfectly! Many years later, when they came across Kechara again, David recognised them and went to say hello. To this day, the hat sits on the head of Siong Woan’s Tsongkhapa statue, a reminder to Siong Woan of how she came to be connected with Kechara.

Left: Siong Woan (background, left) giving her testimonial as Liaison Henry Ooi, David and Associate Liaison Kok Yek Yee listen
Right: The Lama Tsongkhapa statue which brought Siong Woan to Kechara, through David

Siong Woan’s testimonial touched the hearts of everyone present, as it confirmed the efforts with which David goes out of his way to help others.

Voting on Li Kim and David’s Liaisonships occurred separately, and in both cases, the decisions were unanimous – every single Liaison at the meeting voted for Li Kim and David to become Liaisons. Li Kim is an Associate Liaison of Kechara Media & Publications, while David is an Apprentice Liaison of Kechara Care and Kechara Media & Publications.

Kechara could not be prouder to have two new people representing Rinpoche as Liaisons, especially since both individuals are so proud of their involvement in the Dharma, and so enthusiastic and dedicated to serving their Guru as best they can. We extend a huge congratulations to both Li Kim and David, for their selflessness and willingness to go all the way in benefiting others – may all of your endeavours and efforts towards spreading the Dharma bear fruit, and may all of your obstacles be purified for the benefit of all.

Li Kim is unanimously voted onto the Liaisons' Council as her sister, Li Kheng, looks on proudly...

...whilst David goes all shy just before his vote, when he too is unanimously voted onto the Liaison's Council

Rinpoche's two new liaisons receive blessings from their Guru

The following day, at KMP's offices, David and Li Kim read and celebrate their official letters of appointment

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