Tweeting All Vegetarians

21 October 2009 - 2:58pm 17 Comments

Always thinking of innovative ways of encouraging us cause less harm to others, regular followers of Rinpoche’s Twitter account ( will have noticed that he has recently made a pretty special offer.

For everyone who goes vegetarian, they need only submit their names to Rinpoche via Twitter, along with a short message saying how long they will commit to a vegetarian lifestyle.

The names will be gathered and for those who commit, Rinpoche will offer a ‘butterlamp’ (candle) and incense for their commitment. They will also be included in Rinpoche’s sadhana.

Amongst the first to have submitted their names to Rinpoche is Jan and her family – Jan has committed to becoming a full-time vegetarian, and her children have committed to one day a month.

Why should you go vegetarian? Because it’s a healthier diet, it doesn’t cause harm to animals and now you’ve got another reason – a high incarnate lama is going to pray for, and make offerings, to people he has never known and may never meet.

The offer is open to anyone and everyone, even if they are already vegetarian. So remember – get on to Rinpoche’s Twitter feed and submit your name!

Alternatively, contact Liaison Ooi Beng Kooi ( or Khong Jean Ai ( to submit your name and commitment.

17 Responses to Tweeting All Vegetarians

  1. done it, & never looked back, meat or should i say animals is an attachment at the end of the day, nothing more.

    Something has to lose its life to fill your stomach.

  2. Devendra Kumar Yadav
  3. I think this Vegetarian thing is a hypocrisy. Vegetables are living things like animals too, and they have to die to fill someone’s stomachs. No one gives a thought about how vegetables suffer and die to become food, because people cannot hear vegetables scream in pain. But if a scientist connects electrode wires to the plant, the screams and pain of the plant can be detected by the electrograph.

    Our bodies are designed to consume meat. If we become vegetarian, we have to eat often to keep hunger at bay, and some may even fall sick. Imagine a lion who is fed purely vegetables in the zoo, what will happen? The lion will die! There is even a book showing the type of food to consume according to blood type, “Eat Right for your Type” by Dr Peter D’Adamo.

    And what happens if monkeys and gorillas consume meat? They could die too! And the lesson here is that, our bodies have been designed by nature to consume meat, just as birds, sharks, frogs, etc. Will it make sense to turn humans and animals into vegetarians? Some may benefit, but for some it could be turn out to be harmful.

    If one argues that abstaining from eating meat is on the grounds of compassion, then we should not use medicine to kill bacteria, and we shouldn’t even eat vegetables!

    In this respect, I have always believed in the Middle Way as taught by the Buddha. Can anyone show me evidence that the Buddha did NOT consume meat at all? Vegetarianism can be traced to Indian customs, then adopted by Buddhists and later spread to the Chinese, etc.

    May you be well and happy always!

    • Hiya Christopher, from my perspective, it doesn’t seem very hypocritical – I think the key is in the definition of what is a sentient being.

      Buddhist scriptures teach six realms of samsaric existence containing sentient beings. In the scriptures, Buddha teaches about an animal realm but he doesn’t talk about a vegetable realm. In that sense, vegetables are not considered sentient beings, so eating vegetables is not against our vows of developing compassion. However, eating animals (which are considered a sentient being according to the scriptures) is against our vows of compassion…hence it’s logical not to eat them.

      Anyway, perhaps your question will be better answered by last week’s Dr. Dharma question ( which refers to a specific teaching…and if it’s still not enough, there’s a space on the Tsem Tulku forum ( to discuss vegetarianism :)

  4. Errata. I wrote:

    “And the lesson here is that, our bodies have been designed by nature to consume meat,”

    I’d like to rephrase:
    “And the lesson here is that, nature has designed for us to consume the type of food according to our body needs. We can’t expect a gorilla to eat chicken, nor frogs to eat fish, can we? It will be healthier to heed the call of nature than to fight against it”

  5. I do 4 day’s a week vegetarian, not vegan, right now. I accidentally ate some chicken at work, yesterday because my co-worker offered me up some really good looking Mexican, cork husk wrap, thing, but It had chicken in it… These mistakes I make, plus my own occasional lust for burgers have been a thorn in my side because I plan to take meat out of my life as soon as possible.

    Animals aren’t for eating anymore. Maybe somewhere in the world, It’s all there is to eat, and that’s OK. It’s just not OK for us, who have other options constantly available, and sometimes even for much cheaper than meat.

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  7. Hi Dhamma Bro & Sis out there! -I am a member of International Vegan Society and also a buddhist – P/s pay attentions to this subject ( Going Vegetarian )-First of all, 80% of all the live stock breed in this world is for human consumptions and the other 20% maybe, for medical research, pets and etc…This animals suffer immensely pains at the hand of the human-beings and the mass breedings of animals for human consumptions is aslo affecting our mother earth environment – My point is that, look at the bigger picture, instead of talking,debating or just doing dhamma practice with very little physical action taken ! This mother earth is at the mercy of human beings and Sentient beings like us is also at the mercy of mother earth, when some major disaster happen to us due to our negative actions ( Karma ) -The climate is changing fast due to our human activities and disaster is also happening around the world now ! We need to take actions fast to reduce the impact by using our dhamma methods which we all have learnt from our masters .My advise to all dhamma brothers and sisters out there, practice ( Compassion ) and start to be a full-time vegetarian today and reduce samsaric suffering on all affected sentient beings -Remenber, Since beginness time ,we do not own this mother earth alone and we shared this with many,many sentient beings out there including our coming future generations-This negative activities carry out by us can affect others and vice versa .To reduce suffering,we need to practice compassion , meditation on emptiness and apply this practice into physically action in our daily lives. Librations of live animals is also one of the methods ,but not so effective as librating on the diner table !!! This is one of the most powerful method we must adopt and practice this in our daily meals to reduce or eliminate the suffering of animals. The daily dhamma practice and chanting of “OM MANI PADME HUM” is also one of the most powerful and effective method to cultivate compassion through meditation and reflection of the meaning on the seed syllable mantra in order to reduce or eradicate attachments and consumption of meats -But,if a person chant the 6 syllable mantra daily and eat meats during meal time, it defeat the purpose of practising Compassion and the action does not tally with the practice !!! -This was quoted by Lama Norbu Rinpoche in one of the Mani Retreat – The Compassion is the only medicine to treat and cure pains and sufferings in this world -Don’t make Arya Avalokiteshvara cry ,but we must cry for our own suffering due to the habitual negative actions carried out by us in the past, present and the coming future -Our eyes is blinded with dust and we are still swimming in the revolving ocean of SAMSARA -The eating and tasting of blood and meats create immense sufferings and the cries roared like a thurder across the sky .The person who consume meats make no difference from a tiger or wild animal. There just killed, slaughtered and eating their father,mother,wife ,husband childrens,relatives,friends, enemies all over and over again.The causal Samsaric effect and sufferings will not stop till one achieve enlightement through practice and mastering the compassion and bodhisattva vows – “OM MANI PADME HUM “

  8. All beings either, live to eat or eat to live, vegan or not.
    How nice if all beings do neither of the above and no more life sufferings.
    It’s choices and circumstances so long as we do not perform the act of killing with intention to satisfy hunger.
    Cheers and think about it.

  9. I’m born vegetarian, so are my three kids. I noticed that there is an increase in consumption of mock-meat among people who are newly becoming vegetarian or those who are vegetarian but acquired the taste for these products.

    They may taste wonderfully awesome but do people realise the actual content/ingredients that make those stuff tasty and have similar to real chicken or mutton.

    I have decided not to include any of those in my daily cooking. It’s all vegetables,grains and fruit based. I don’t want to make my kids grow up eating”vegetarian chicken”. Why instill in the young minds about the so-called vege meat. Is there such thing after all??

    There are many ways, in fact, creative ways to cook vege food. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and effort. Don’t rely on mock-meat to become vegetarian. To me it doesn’t serve the purpose of vegetarianism at all. Mind should not be full of “meaty” ideas.

    If anyone needs ideas on cooking without using mock-meat- pls contact me

  10. To Christopher Gan:

    How humans are not physically created to eat meat.

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  13. I was a typical “Looking for Delicious Food” & “Fast Food Lover”.
    That time, i used to visit clinic quite often.
    After a few months of vegetarian diet, i become healthier.
    I can even do blood donation which is impossible for me because i had low blood pressure.
    I hope to continue this vegetarian lifestyle.

  14. I am a vegan and I am at peace with myself. Eating flesh is nothing more than promoting “civilized canabalism.” I do not how one could be at peace with their soul if you kill another creature of God just to satisfy your taste buds. Peace for all creatures. Don

  15. there are numerous sects and castes in india that for centuries together do no consume meat at all, dint these people survive without meat? its all a matter of choice to change ur lifestyle, isnt it better to be vegetarian and compassionate towards beings of lower realms. isnt it why we are human- so we can choose to be what is more right. as for us humans were made for eating meat isnt true, mostly all carnivores have huge canines, they are nocturnals, can see at night unlike us.

  16. adam

    I was vegetarian for 4 years, and I believe health issues stopped me from being a vegetarian. I am not sure if the health issues arrived from being a vegetarian or not.

    Anyway, I don’t blame myself for not being able to carry on, and I feel less guilty knowing I tried to. I would love to be able to be vegetarian again someday! I see the compassion in the concept of it, and I bow to those that are.