#6: Crews’ Corner 23 June 2010

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David Lai

Lately, I have been down in the doldrums and wallowing in a lot of self-pity for things I did wrong or decisions I did or did not make. I would like to think that there are many people out there would be able relate to where I am coming from and I felt that I was in need of a “pick-me-upper”. I am really glad that it finally came today in the form of an email sent over last Saturday.

Someone by the name of Teo Sheng Ee read my book There’s No Way But Up and appreciated what I wrote so he emailed me his appreciation. He really liked the honesty of the writing and even listed down scenarios in the book that inspired him. I was flabbergasted by this email! I am really glad that not all decisions I made in the past were all bad and it kinda brightened up my day. Perhaps, it will inspire me not to make too many silly mistakes from now on. Thanks Sheng Ee!

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Jamie Khoo

Oh my goodness! A week sure passes fast – it’s time to do this little blurb again. There’s lots of things up ahead this week too. It never rains, does it? It pours!

I’m sitting in the Kechara Media & Publications (KMP) office now, after hours when everyone has already left the office and thinking back on how very special this place is. It’s one of the rare and only places in the world, I believe, where people are happy to come to and work on a Monday morning. This is family and a home that I enjoy being in more my own home! That said, here’s a little run down on what I’ll be up to this week.

I’m currently working on editing a pictorial biography of our Spiritual Guide His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, as well as working with designers to revamp our Kechara House prayer books, in tandem with the renovations that have recently begun for our new gompa (temple). This weekend, we take KMP up north as Sharon and I (and perhaps an errant boyfriend or two) will be travelling to Penang to hold two book clubs. We’re really excited about sharing our new books, the Tsongkhapa Box Set and Snakes, Roosters and Pigs with the Kechara friends in Penang and if time permits to go visit some of the incredible temples there too (and of course, stuff our faces with delicious, calorie-laden Penang food!)

KMP is also doing a big fundraising drive and I am especially focusing on raising monthly sponsorship to support the monthly overheads and stipends of KMP. As every book we publish is about bringing Rinpoche’s incredible Dharma teachings and messages of peace and transformation to others, every bit of support at every level is highly valued – you would be contributing to making a difference to thousands of people out there, not just the KMP crew! As many of my dear colleagues do not even take a stipend and offer their dedication, effort, skills and hard work 100%, it has inspired me even further to make this sponsorship drive a success. Do contact me if you’d like to be a part of this global peace effort: [email protected]

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Sharon Saw

The highlight last week for me was definitely the arrival of the Tsongkhapa Box Set. Beautifully designed by our talented Art Director, Fang, with guidance from Rinpoche, the box set looked much better than I had expected. The golden tsa tsa, the traditional carved image, of Tsongkhapa produced by Kechara Discovery was perfectly framed in a velvet foam, with the two books under it.

This box set was exciting on many levels – as well as being the first Tsongkhapa box set, it was also the first time Rinpoche’s teachings and commentary on Tsongkhapa’s Guru Yoga has been published. As Tsongkhapa is the Yidam or meditational deity of Kechara House, and the founder of our lineage, the guide to this powerful practice is much needed and will benefit many.

This Friday, Jamie and I will be heading to Kechara Paradise Penang for a double Book Club. I will be sharing about the Tsongkhapa Box Set this Friday at 7pm and Jamie will be sharing about Snakes, Roosters and Pigs on Saturday at 3pm.

Before then, this whole week will be spent finalising the photographs for Rinpoche’s draft pictorial biography before submission to Rinpoche next Monday. Exciting!

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