Pink Princess Celebrates Xmas in a Temple…

Story By: David Lai

11 May 2009 - 8:43am Comments Off

Christmas is just around the corner and what has it got to do with Kechara House (KH)? Well, KH threw a fantastic party for the occasion of course. It is so ‘us’ to celebrate a Buddhist Yuletide party for the premier of Dharma Princess Diaries by Kechara In Motion. It is a film that features a day in the life of our very own in-house superstar, Paris Hilton Jamie Khoo or just Paris for those short of breath. (Paris Hilton used to be her favourite celebrity)

Our spanking new Buddha Oasis or Kechara House 2 was transformed for the day into a party venue with glitter, balloons, Christmas stockings, a Christmas tree and lots of Santa hats worn by many. To set the mood, old Christmas songs were pumped through speakers into the hall. A table with friendly ‘elf-administrators’ greeted everybody who walked in and special gift packs were given to newbies. Invitations mentioned pink as the dress code (the star’s favourite colour), along with bringing some food (as it was a potluck) and to bring a simple gift to exchange with others. All these gifts were piled neatly away under the Christmas tree in the hall. People began to trickle in and by 4 pm, the show began with a video presentation of Journey to Gaden. It’s a crime for those of you who have not seen it if you claim you follow Rinpoche’s teachings. But anyway, the video was meant for our newest friends of Kechara


Next on the itinerary was the Dharma Princess Diary premier and Rinpoche introduced Paris with all his humourous, candid and colourful descriptions of her. He also offered a bouquet of flowers to her mum, in honour of having produced a wonderful daughter. Then the movie was finally played to an audience brimming with anticipation. Throughout the video, pockets of laughter from the audience was heard as they were amused by the quirky familiar stars of the film. When the credits rolled, the audience broke into a big applause. A note-worthy part of the rolling credits was a special dedication by the star to Muppet and Gollum, her affectionate names for her parents. Rinpoche then made an exit to his audience room in Kechara House 1 to meet the various foreign visitors who have come from afar. The night ended to a delectable vegetarian fare brought by the audience and a sing-your-heart-out karaoke session. The winners of the raffle’s draw was announced and the little presents under the tree was quickly snapped up by many.

This is what Kechara House is about, we can have serious formal Dharma talks and even crazy parties but all are meant to spread Dharma. All our parties and social events shows that being Buddhist doesn’t mean renouncing parties and having fun, it means one can have both and still be spiritual and Buddhist. This is aptly exemplified with the Dharma Princess Diaries, a unique spiritual message to the world; about how you can live the life you want, to be yourself and yet remain spiritual.

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