New Life in the Aviary

30 November 2009 - 10:03pm 1 Comment

It’s been two weeks since the birds joined everyone at the new Ladrang, and were introduced to their new home.

What hasn’t been revealed however, was that when the birds were being moved, the Ladrang staff discovered the cockatiels had had babies!

As they were only a week old, the staff were worried that the babies wouldn’t survive the move and their parents wouldn’t know to feed them.

So following Rinpoche’s advice, a bird watch was set up. Whilst chanting Medicine Buddha and Setrap’s mantras, Ladrang staff took turns keeping an eye on the babies, updating everyone on their condition every hour.

Things to watch out for included whether the parents approached the house the babies were found in, as it was a sign that they were feeding their children.

Thanks to the blessings of the Protector and Medicine Buddha, it didn’t take long for the cockatiel parents to be seen flying to their children. Over the next couple of weeks, Ladrang staff kept a close eye on the babies and finally on 28th November, two of the babies were seen emerging from their home!According to Rinpoche, it is a good sign that baby birds were born, survived and grew during our move from the old to new Ladrang.

Check out the picture above! The grey bird is the proud parent, with one of her green babies following close behind!

Since the two birds were spotted, there’s been more happy news, with confirmation from the aviary care team that four babies in the nest are alive, with the mother cockatiel feeding all of them…so keep your eyes peeled for more updates from the aviary care team! There’s always new life and new news coming from the Ladrang!

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