Fishy Freedom

30 September 2013 - 12:00am 6 Comments

Love animals? Want to see them free? Better yet, want to SET them free?

Make your way down to Kepong on Sunday at the Kepong Metropolitan Park from 08.30am till 9.30am (please see attached map).

We will be liberating live fish saved directly from the wholesalers…these are fish which were already on their way to people’s dining plates!

Aside from helping the animal to take a good rebirth, the act of liberating animals plants the seeds of Dharma in their mindstreams. It helps us to develop the nature of not harming others, and develop a mind of compassion by becoming vegetarian – liberating animals creates the awareness of not eating animals for the sake of attachment to meat.

You can dedicate the merits created by this auspicious activity to the long and healthy life of your family members and friends. Bring your friends, family members and children to participate in this monthly family affair.
We also rely on donations from kind sponsors to make this monthly animal liberation event a success, and really appreciate the generosity of regular donations towards this animal liberation .
If you wish to contribute towards this meritorious activity, please contact Frederick Law or make your donation at Kechara House in any amount to this worthy cause.

We rely on donations from kind sponsors to make this monthly animal liberation event a success, and really appreciate the generosity of regular donations towards this animal liberation. Now you can also SPONSOR ONLINE!

Animal Liberation Itinerary
8.30am – 9.30am Meet at Kepong Metropolitan Park for Animal Liberation
Contact Person: CK Siah at +6012 236 8023
Please be punctual so as not to miss the prayer session, as we will start right on time.

Click for a full-sized map!

6 Responses to Fishy Freedom

  1. For those who have yet to participate, do try and make time.

    Why? It’s a great way to start a Sunday morning, take in the sunshine with your family, make new friends, learn a thing or two… and experience something wonderfully different.

    Yes, when are we going to take time out, pause, and smell the flowers? Learn more about the world around us, the world we live in?

  2. [...] many activities for both individuals and families to participate in. For example, there are animal liberation days at parks to put compassion into action, Family Days to foster strong family bonding, recycling [...]

  3. [...] to the law of karma, it creates the causes for another event to occur. In Kechara we organize a monthly animal liberation event . By releasing live animals that are bred for the sole purpose to be slaughtered, that good deed [...]

  4. Hi Kechara, I’ve donated small amount of money for animal liberation via and I’m wondering whether or not you receive the donation. Btw, it’s great to see that you are doing animal liberation quite regularly. I wish I could participate in the event but I currently stayed in Singapore right now.

    • Hi Felix, thank you for your donation. I’ve just confirmed with the administration that yes, they have received your kind contribution.

      Thank you also for rejoicing in our activities. One of the reasons why we liberate animals (apart from the obvious of course!) is to inspire others to do the same. His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche always says that if Kechara can inspire a person to rescue an animal or free some fish, or take better care of their pets, no matter where they are in the world, it will be the same as participating in our activities in Kuala Lumpur. At the end of the day, it’s one less being that continues suffering :)

  5. Maha sadhu to all for the greatly meritorious act! Try also to get live worms from pet shop for life release; get them by the kilos. About Rm 80 per kilo here in Miri not sure about KL. These little fellows are sold as worm food! Imagine the number of beings saved from suffering and unfortunate births per release!