Moving E-Division

14 June 2010 - 5:30am 3 Comments

The final moves have been made into the new e-Division office where, after all the furniture was set up, pujas were held this past Monday to clear obstacles and bless the premises. The pujas began with the trusol ritual, followed by 100 recitations of Ganglongma, 10,000 recitations of Manjushri’s mantra as well as a Tara puja. The liaisons were also invited later in the night, to do prayers in the premises – His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche said that because they had taken vows in front of Lord Setrap, holding those vows meant they had the power to bless the place.

And so the real work begins! With the expansion of the e-Division, they will be able to bring the Dharma to increasing numbers of people…so help them! Word on the street is that they still need sponsorship, both for the renovations and for their regular operation costs. If you can fulfil anything on their WISHLIST, or would like to make a donation to cover their operating expenses, please contact Liaision Ooi Beng Kooi at [email protected].

Whilst the pujas were going on, over at the old e-Division office, two culprits were spotted erasing all traces of the e-Division's presence there...

Beautiful offerings were made on the altar of Lama Tsongkhapa, Manjushri and Tara

In the trusol group were Liaison Jamie Khoo and Shin Tan (pictured here), as well as Liaison JP Thong and Apprentice Liaison David Lai. Jamie and David are both from Kechara Media & Publications, whilst JP is the Head Liaison of Tsem Ladrang

Doing the Tara puja were Head of e-Division Ooi Beng Kooi, Shin Tan, Khong Jean Ai and Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) Vice President Julia Tan

The e-Division then got together to recite Ganglongma 100 times, as well as Manjushri's mantra 10,000 times

In the period between the end of the pujas, and the liaisons arriving for a meeting in the new office, the e-Division staff sat down to write thank you cards to their sponsors

KSK President Ruby Khong takes a moment to catch up with Beng Kooi before the meeting

Thierry stops to have a chat with Miss Han (of Kechara inMotion) and Datin Ng (former Kechara House President)

The first official activity in the office was a meeting of the Liaisons Council, an auspicious start!

The following day, one of the culprits spotted erasing the boards was found to be tampering with the water purifier at the new office...tsk!

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  1. Am so so so so so loving these articles about the new e-div, new website, new new new beginnings. Now, if only we can figure out a way to drill a hole from our office to your office without lot#6 noticing…

    • how about a skybridge over the roof? And while we’re at it, let’s make a bridge to the new gompa that’s just behind us!!

  2. lionel

    Well how about starting with a simple lunch??? I think e-Div and KMP should have a lunch together… Sorta like a meet your neighbour type thing.