Celebrating with the Lamrim

15 June 2010 - 3:13pm Comments Off

There was a double cause for celebration yesterday, with the completion of the lamrim recitations at Kechara House (KH) and the birthday of our friend from Kuantan, Suet Mei.

Both events mark the start of Great New Things for Kechara. Whilst the lamrim recitations marked the start of renovations for KH’s new gompa, in Kuantan, Suet Mei and her group are working on setting up a study group there.

Nick, Suet Mei and Paul

Kechara Discovery took the opportunity to offer a delicious banana chocolate cake to Suet Mei and everyone in KH1 who had just completed the recitations. Also blowing out the candles were our friend Nicholas Lee and our Head of Department Paul Yap, both of whom have birthdays in June.

Here’s to the birth of many more new beginnings in Kechara which take us to ever greater heights!

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