Self-Cherishing Mind – People Can Feel It

17 April 2010 - 1:36am Comments Off

When the self-cherishing mind has decreased, everyone can feel it. Why? Because people with a self-cherishing mind are common. So when you look at everybody, they seem normal, just like us. That’s why when a person’s self-cherishing mind is less we feel it. Why? It’s different from normal people, very different. For example, we can say the same words harshly, or we can say the same words loudly but jokingly to a dog and the dog’s reaction will be different. If you shout at the dog and you’re angry, the dog will run or cower. If you say the same thing to the dog but shout playfully, it will wag its tail. I do that to my little dog all the time. Similarly, when you’re nice to the dog and when you talk well, the dog will know. If you always hurt the dog, and you pinch or kick him or abuse him and then you talk very sweetly to him, the dog will run.

So if a dog can feel that (and dogs are supposed to have the intelligence of a three-year old human child), then we as adults can definitely feel it. Whether we speak nicely or speak softly, the words carry meaning. And when it’s done over, over and over – if it’s positive, people will love you more. If it’s negative and people don’t like you, don’t run, don’t hide, don’t cower – it’s you, it’s you. So some people are very nice to us, but their actions don’t follow their words. It creates distrust, anger and disgust in other people.


Tsem Rinpoche

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