Our Gompa (Prayer Hall)

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Opened in November 2010, the Kechara House gompa marks the start of a new chapter in KECHARA’s history. Designed and built by the Kechara House Gompa Committee, the gompa spans four shop lots and has a seating capacity of 700 people. Located in the quiet SunwayMas Commercial Centre, this is the venue for a variety of spiritual activities offered by the KECHARA organisation.

Opening Hours
Monday to Wednesday    1 pm to 10 pm
Thursday & Friday           1 pm to 6 pm
Saturday                         Closed
Sunday                           830 am to 1 pm



At Kechara, the warm décor is matched by a welcoming reception. On the ground floor, visitors are blessed by a large BAM as they enter. The BAM is Kechara’s logo as well as the seed syllable of Vajrayogini.

Visit us and be greeted by a friendly face, a ready smile, and Dharma students who are happy to answer your questions about Kechara and the Dharma.

Welcoming reception at Kechara House

Pre-Function Waiting Area

A six-foot Lama Tsongkhapa casts his serene gaze as visitors relax in the pre-function waiting area. Manifesting in his long-life form, this statue was formerly in Kechara House 1 as the central image on the altar.

Take advantage of this comfortable space with ample seating. Come and watch Dharma teachings, both live and on DVD, or catch up with friends on the latest Kechara news.

The previous central image on Kechara House 1's altar, a 6-foot Lama Tsongkhapa

The relaxed pre-function waiting area

Multi-Function Hall

The multi-function hall is a modern comfortable space, providing a friendly meeting place for impromptu Dharma teachings, informal get-togethers and social events.

The Dzambala Chapel is located here, for visitors to make offerings and create a connection with the Buddha of Wealth.

The multi-function hall, a popular venue for classes, activities and meetings

Audience Room

His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s private audience room is located behind the multi-function hall. Set up in the traditional Tibetan style, here visitors are able to make prostrations, offerings and create a connection with Rinpoche.

Rinpoche's audience room in Kechara House

Offices and Volunteer Workspaces

Those who wish to contribute to the operations of the gompa can do so from this comfortable, purpose-built office, located next to the offices of the President, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer.

The pantry for both staff and volunteers

Kechara Care Souvenir Shop

Stocked by Kechara Paradise (KP) and operated by Kechara Care (KC), this space is a great example of interdepartmental support.

KC looks after newcomers to the Kechara organisation, providing accurate answers to questions about Buddhism and Kechara. Recognising the crucial role that KC play in welcoming people to the organisation, KP donates a portion of the proceeds from this shop towards KC’s operations.


Sunshine Room

Step up to the first floor, into a room affectionately known as the Sunshine Room. Built specially to accommodate the elderly and young children during large public events, this room has easy access via a chairlift and adjacent washrooms for the physically impaired. Television screens project Dharma teachings from the main prayer hall, so people sitting here need not miss out.

With additional exits for those who wish to stretch their legs, the Sunshine Room is the perfect place for anyone who has difficulty sitting for long periods of time.


His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche stresses Dharma through understanding, not blind faith. However, some Dharma texts are not readily available, whilst keen readers may not be able to afford to buy all the books they want to read. In light of this, a Library was set up to give spiritual seekers the opportunity to expand their Dharma knowledge for free. Books can be read in-house, or be borrowed to take home. Donations of books are more than welcome – please contact the Library at [email protected] or call +603 7803 3908 for more information about donating books.

Main Prayer Hall

A spectacular sight awaits those who enter the main prayer hall. At the front of the hall, behind the Lama’s throne are three magnificent statues. Built and designed by Kechara Discovery, devotees can make offerings to a 10-foot Lama Tsongkhapa, 7-foot Vajrayogini and 7-foot Setrap statue.

Kechara House's spectacular main prayer hall

In front of the altar is His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s throne, made in Nepal and given an antique finish by Kechara Saraswati Arts to match the interior of the hall.

With a state-of-the-art audio-visual system, everyone has a clear view of the main altar and of the teaching throne. Chinese translation audio sets ensure everyone who attends the Dharma talks will be able to understand the teachings.

The altars in Kechara House's prayer hall

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