Our Dining Concept

30 May 2010 - 3:44am Comments Off

Imagine dining in a swanky and sleek ambience, surrounded by exquisite Himalayan artefacts and soothing relaxing music that is almost spa-like.

Imagine savouring the mouth-watering dishes from the Himalayans, infused with local Malaysian flavours and spices, glazed in the influences of the Vietnamese, Chinese and Western fare.

A symphony of colours, textures and aroma comes alive to captivate your every senses – from the sight of the graceful food presentation, to the smell, taste and the delivery of an enchanting dining experience that will not only excite your taste palette, but also your imagination.

At Kechara Oasis, we do not believe that vegetarianism should compromise the quality of fine dining and good food. And it most definitely should not be just a load of boiled cabbages, potatoes and carrots. Or worse, ingredients that seem completely soaked in grease and salt.

In fact, our food mantra remains simple.

We believe in supporting local producers whenever possible, using the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients to deliver high quality, great value food. Hence, we invented an eclectic vegetarian cuisine that would appeal to the contemporary globally health conscious diners.

If we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, no one should either. It is really that simple.

Make a visit to Kechara Oasis today and experience it for yourself. We look forward to seeing you there.

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