Our Team


The Kechara Oasis team brings you a delectable array of bold vegetarian cuisine presented with artistic modern flair. Our chefs’ master skills are demonstrated in the menu that fuses famliar local flavours with exotic Himalayan specialities.

We pride ourselves for our exceptional quality, impeccable service and Eastern hospitality.

Irene Lim

Founder and Director

She is an avid traveller and well-versed in Buddhist philosophy, health, nutrition, meditative equipoise and tantra. Irene has raised funds for numerous charitable organisations and has led several pilgrimages to some of the world’s most sacred Buddhist sites.

The core of her life for the past 17 years has been and still is, the spiritual connection with her most precious teacher, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche. Her odyssey of spiritual self-discovery through His Eminence’s teachings has enriched her life experience, resonating deeply throughout her entire being. Her spirituality has given great meaning to her life, transforming her mind, and leading her to find inner peace and happiness.

When prompted by His Eminence to start a vegetarian restaurant, Irene immediately embraced the idea with joy and has not looked back in her efforts to make His Eminence’s vision a reality.  She believes people deserve to experience taste, fun, joy, beauty, sustainable happiness, wealth, health and harmony.

Master Chef Au

Resident Head Chef

Chef Au’s gastronomic talent and innovative spirit has enabled Kechara Oasis to create many surprising and delightful signature dishes. With his assistant, Chef Nick, they form a formidable team in the kitchen.

I want to promote a vegetarian diet because I believe it is the best for
both us and the animals.

Chef Au

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