Our Mission

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We firmly believe that the preservation of our human life does not begin with the ending of another earthling’s life, be it an animal or crustacean. Hence, vegetarianism forms the core of our ethos.

We support local producers whenever possible, using the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients to deliver high quality, great value food. Hence we invented an eclectic vegetarian cuisine that would appeal to the contemporary globally health conscious diners.

From Kechara Oasis’ perspective, promoting vegetarianism is equivalent to promoting non-violence through respecting the lives of all living beings. This lends weight to the causes for a much bigger vision in promoting world peace. It begins here in the community of Petaling Jaya, and extends to the nation of Malaysia, then across the globe.

Eating healthily also means eating compassionately. In this way, we become a true friend to all the inhabitants of planet earth.

Kechara Oasis is part of a new breed of swanky, new age vegetarian restaurants, which believe in serving sophisticated quality meals full of exciting flavours and textures that attract all connoisseurs of fine food. This is a restaurant that brushes off the vegetarian cliché with some neat culinary ideas and exquisite presentation. The food takes on board Himalayan and Asian influences and flavours to create our very own meat – free signature dishes.

Inspired  by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, Kechara Oasis is all about dining without guilt, as the preservation of life pervades from the heart of our kitchen to the dining table. We advocate cooking with compassion, and dining with loving kindness. This is the Kechara way of eating compassionately and living consciously on this planet. Dining on a daily basis should become an OASIS of JOY.

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