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Are you new to Kechara and Buddhism? Do you want to learn more about our Spiritual Guide H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and Kechara’s history? Need some advice, guidance, or simply have a question that you need answered?

Our young, bubbly and energetic team are always on-hand to provide you with what you need.

This is Kechara Care at your service!

Chuah Su Ming

Head of Department & Liaison of Kechara Care

Regularly described as someone who brings great joy to whomever she meets, the ever-smiling Liaison Chuah Su Ming is the Head of Kechara Care.

Currently in charge of Tsem Ladrang‘s marketing and public relations, Su Ming is also the Operations Manager for Kechara Lounge in Nepal – her current portfolio already involves her meeting and greeting many people. Thus, as Head of a department that nurtures and cares for newcomers to Kechara, this new role fits the sweet, soft-spoken but very determined lady to a tee.

[E] [email protected]
[M] +6012 291 1178

Nicholas Yu

Kechara Care Friend

In May 2010, Nicholas Yu quit as project manager with one of Malaysia’s top mobile operators to become a full-time Kechara member of staff. He credits the ease of his entrance into full-time Dharma to his supportive wife Josephine and two loving daughters. Whilst Josephine is an active Kechara volunteer who is always keen to lend a hand wherever she can, their older daughter is active in the Manjushri Kids’ Class – this is truly a family of Dharma.

Nicholas has been a member of Kechara since 2008, beginning as a Kechara Soup Kitchen volunteer before becoming one of their Team Leaders. Since then, Nicholas has been elected into the Kechara House 2010-2012 Committee.

[E] [email protected]
[M] +6016 2090 541

Kok Yek Yee

Kechara Care Friend

Kechara Care shares Yek Yee with Kechara Media & Publications, where she is the Chief Editor for all Chinese-language publications. Yek Yee joined the Kechara Care team in March of 2011 after months of single-handedly running the Chinese-speaking activities in Kechara. Due to her hard work and dedication, the Chinese presence in Kechara has grown tremendously over the past few months.

Yek Yee’s presence is a comfort to those who do not have English as their first language. Coupled with her knowledge of the Dharma, and her many years of working closely with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, Yek Yee is the perfect person to introduce Chinese speakers to Kechara.

[E] [email protected]
[M] +6012 388 3390

Karen Chong

Kechara Care Friend

As a girl who likes dabble in design, Karen is the creative mind behind most of the artistic work in Kechara Care, alongside her responsibilities of guiding and nurturing newcomers on their spiritual journey.

And when it comes to something special, you cannot this fun fun girl who is also the events coordinator for the Kechara Care Lounge! From movie nights to birthday parties, Karen is the girl who will put a smile on your face. Get just in touch with her if you would like to throw a party!

[E] [email protected]
[M] +6012 771 0289

Wee Sock Wan

Kechara Care Friend

A bubbly character who is known for being very friendly and lively, lovable Sock Wan has been inclined towards Buddhism since young. Just like everyone else, Sock Wan had many questions about life, especially regarding the purpose of it. Searching online for Tibetan Buddhist centres in Kuala Lumpur, Sock Wan found Kechara and has not looked back since.

At Kechara Care, Sock Wan now finds herself responsible for introducing newcomers to the background and history of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, as well as the Kechara organisation. She also manages the Kechara Care Lounge and assists in events coordination, with special focus on major events jointly hosted between Kechara House and Kechara Care.

[E] [email protected]
[M] +6012 208 1587

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