Our Mission

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Kechara Care’s mission is to ensure that newcomers to KECHARA and Buddhism are well looked after.

With more and more people touched by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s teachings and Kechara’s Dharma works and activities, Kechara Care serves as a one-stop destination for the welfare of all newcomers and students alike. May it be to satisfy a personal curiosity or to participate in its many charitable works; a quest in search of spirituality or simply, to learn more about the organisation, Kechara Care is the place to visit!

Kechara Care organise introductory activities to provide newcomers with accurate, reliable information about KECHARA and Buddhism, and guide newcomers as they take their first step onto the spiritual path. Warm and friendly representatives of Kechara Care will be on hand to welcome you with a host of opportunities to enhance your understanding and to enrich your spiritual journey with H.E Tsem Rinpoche.

Through cultivating a strong culture of care and responsibility within all of Kechara’s departments, Kechara Care also teach those new to Kechara the same nurturing roles so that eventually every single Kechara member is a Kechara Care Friend.

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